Feeling the cold? Take advantage of conference calls when you really need them

Conference calls have a huge amount of potential and utility, and can be an ideal solution in many different circumstances. Winter is one of these, as it is a time when both weather and festivities can make going into work difficult and unappealing. With teleconferencing you can remove the need to battle treacherous conditions to attend a meeting.

During the winter months, the weather can become bitterly cold – particularly in some areas. This then makes the thought of a long commute to a business meeting extremely unpleasant for all participants. In severe conditions, it can be even more than unpleasant, it can become impossible to travel. Public transport gets disrupted and cancelled, roads have to be closed, cars can be very dangerous to drive.

Simply scheduling a conference call through a reliable conference call bridge can resolve all these issues easily and effectively. Invite all participants to dial into the conference call room at a set time – perhaps sending an invitation over email or text – and you are free to hold the meeting without anybody having to leave the safety and warmth of their own home or office.

Thus the option of holding a conference call – which you can now do free of additional charges– can vastly increase productivity in winter months. It avoids the necessity to cancel important meetings and presentation, it increases the time a meeting can go on for, as you do not have to factor in inconvenient travel time, and it improves participants’ moods and morale as they have not just had the ordeal of travelling through acutely inclement conditions.

A further factor in the winter months is that for many they are a time to get together with family and friends you may not see often. Therefore, many workers may take their holidays in this time and so be far from the location of a meeting, possibly even abroad. Holding a telephone conference once more allows for both needs to be met. A person may be on holiday for on the other side of the world but still be able to attend a meeting if required.

So this winter, make sure you incorporate conference calling into your business schedule, to keep your company’s efficiency up whilst taking care of your and your colleagues needs and wellbeing – both physical and emotional.
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AdminFeeling the cold? Take advantage of conference calls when you really need them
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