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5 practical ways to help banish your carbon footprint

Going green has in the past decade become almost like the new ‘must-have’ accessory for businesses; neglect to take action at your peril, as it can cost you vital public esteem and positive branding. But is it something that should really concern you for your business?

In truth, that’s for you to decide. But the increasing urgency of protecting our planet is undeniable, and as we all live here, we should all be carrying our weight. Businesses contribute to mankind’s carbon footprint in innumerable ways, and cutting back wherever you can could end up making a huge difference – particularly as it would encourage your competitors and the companies you work with to follow in your footsteps, and could lead to positive actions being taken in all sorts of areas!

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Admin5 practical ways to help banish your carbon footprint

Conference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

Teleconferencing is such an invaluable tool that it has found innumerable uses, gaining a key place even outside of the business environment. But within the professional world, one particular area that stands to gain a great deal from integrating virtual meetings into its activities is the recruitment field.

As an area which naturally dedicates its time to connecting multiple different parties, such a simple and effective communication tool seems like an obvious blessing. By making extensive use of conference calling, recruitment agencies are able to contact a vast number of potential employees easily and cheaply – particularly with the availability of genuinely free conference calls. That means you are boosting your chances of finding more and more suitable candidates for the particular role you are recruiting for, benefiting you, the employer, and the candidates.

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AdminConference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

How conference calls can aid research projects

Conference calls have innumerable uses and benefits which you might not be making the most of. For many people, simply not being part of the business environment rules out teleconferencing, but this leaves a great deal of wasted potential, as well as time and energy. Ultimately, audio conferences are simply a way of bringing people together and facilitating communication, and so they have a use in all walks of life – teaching, creating, small communities like prayer groups, and so on. One broad area which stands to gain a great deal from the use of virtual meetings is research projects.

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AdminHow conference calls can aid research projects

Set up a conference call in seconds: use WHYPAY?

Conference calling is constantly growing and developing, earning its place as one of the most invaluable – and, as it happens, inexpensive – business tools available. If you don’t already use it frequently, there are reasons why you should be conference calling, particularly as it’s available completely free, if you know where to look.

But in today’s world people don’t just want more for less, they want it quickly. And WHYPAY? lets you set up a conference call within seconds, even the very first time you use it. All you have to do is hit the Big Green Button at the bottom of this post or on the WHYPAY? home page. There is nothing else to it. Once that button is clicked, your conference call room will be created, you will be provided with the conference room number and PIN, and you can dial in from that moment onwards.

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AdminSet up a conference call in seconds: use WHYPAY?

Conference calling for sportsmen and women

For many, the word teleconference comes with set perceptions, or, perhaps more accurately, prejudices. Conference calling is frequently regarded as a tool that is great for businesses, but not relevant anywhere else. And this is a tragic waste, as conference calls can be extremely beneficial for countless areas of life, and countless different pursuits. Sportsmen and women for example, are a demographic that can gain great benefits by using conference calls. And with conference call bridges like WHYPAY? offering free conference calls, there’s nothing to lose!

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AdminConference calling for sportsmen and women

Free conference calls – too good to be true?

By now, you might have heard all about the infinite benefits of integrating conference calling into your everyday working life. For many, though, the utility of a business tool is not the only factor that must be taken into consideration before making use of it – finance is often hugely important. But what about free business tools? That’s where WHYPAY? comes in, ensuring teleconferences are simple and affordable for everybody, whether for professional or personal use.

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AdminFree conference calls – too good to be true?

5 things not to do on a conference call

Conference calls can be a wonderful and deeply beneficial tool for your business, helping things run more smoothly and efficiently. They can also, however, be hugely disrupted by certain bad habits and common mistakes that many frequent users will be familiar with. To help you out, here is a list of 5 bad conference call behaviours to avoid on your next audio conference.

1. Not muting yourself when you should

The mute button is so beautifully simple, so wondrously easy to use and so woefully neglected by many. It’s there for a very good reason. If you’re conference calling from home, travelling, or even just in a bustling office, it can be a really good idea to mute yourself while you aren’t contributing to the discussion. The sounds of wailing children, barking dogs, chugging railways lines and your midday meal deal going down are not only going to interfere with the attention you pay to the call, but distract and irritate all the other participants too. Make sure you choose your environment wisely, and if it’s not possible to be in a quiet area, make good use of the mute button – it’s your friend, and everybody else’s.

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Admin5 things not to do on a conference call

Why the world’s governments are conference calling

Governments across the globe frequently engage in conference calls, be it with members of their own government who are travelling or stationed abroad, members of foreign governments or NGOs. If groups with such huge power, pressing responsibility and often urgent issues to resolve find the conference call one of their most valuable tools, can there be any doubt that it could be immensely valuable for you?

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AdminWhy the world’s governments are conference calling

What are people conference calling about right now?

Conference calls have become a huge part of many people’s lives, and are a tool of great use not only within the business world, but for many different types of people in many different walks of life. A quick look over the headlines could give a very revealing view of just how prolific the teleconference has become, and how frequently the service is being put to use.

One massive global issue which required extensive worldwide conference calling was the Greek bail out. A key conference call between Eurozone officials was able to establish a four month extension of the bail out given to the Greek government, helping avoid the risk being run of Athens simply completely running out of funds. The conference call allowed for easy and quick discussion between key figures all over Europe regarding financial reforms proposed by Greece, and ended with a huge decision which will have a phenomenal impact upon the Greek government and people. Clearly, conference calls have an immense amount of power and utility.

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AdminWhat are people conference calling about right now?

Why tutors, teachers and instructors should be conference calling

Everyone has heard about conference calls and their daily function in offices, linking up colleagues all over the world. If you think this is all conference calls are good for, however, you are sorely mistaken. Maybe you’re a private tutor or a sports trainer, and you think the teleconference has very little to do with you – think again. Conference calling offers a huge amount of benefits and opportunities for people in these fields. If you haven’t tried it out yet, why not start now? With WHYPAY? it’s completely free, and can be set up at the simple push of a button.

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AdminWhy tutors, teachers and instructors should be conference calling