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Conference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

Call conferencing has proven to be one of the most accepted and favoured modes of communication for businesses the world over, because it is cost effective, fast and easy. In today’s fast paced life, teleconferencing services are extremely beneficial for recruitment agencies to reach a large number of potential candidates.

A conference call allows the recruiters to interview candidates, conduct group discussions and find out who is best suited for the job. All this, without the hassle of having them all arrive at the same physical location. This provides qualified candidates from distant locations a great opportunity to attend interviews and undergo screening procedures without having to travel from their home town.

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AdminConference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

Conference calls for internal support

Communication, both internal and external, is vital to the smooth running of any business. External communication with shareholders and customers creates awareness and helps increase market share for the company. Internal communication between the management and employees ensures that employees are aware of new developments in the business and helps foster loyalty. Conferencing services are widely used as an effective tool for internal support.

Teleconferencing allows more than two people to connect to a single phone call with the help of a conference bridge, which can be described as a server that can connect a number of phone lines to a single call. A teleconference solution is useful when a major part of the workforce in a business is working from home or when the business has a number of offices in various locations. It also helps inter-departmental coordination.

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AdminConference calls for internal support

Recording and other special features

Most businesses these days cannot do without the facilities and convenience offered by conferencing services. A conference call allows them to communicate simultaneously with any number of people, no matter where they are located. All that you need for telephone conferencing is an ordinary telephone line; there is no need even for expensive equipment. Participating members dial into a conference bridge which is a server hosted by the teleconferencing service provider, key in the pass code and are routed directly to the teleconference. Phone conferencing makes life easier for professionals by reducing the time that they are on the road travelling to business meetings. It also cuts down on travel and accommodation expenses of the organisation.

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AdminRecording and other special features

Tips for interviewing using conference calling

Conference call services are useful not only for business meetings, but also interviews and social calls. If you want to conduct an interview over the telephone, you can make use of the teleconferencing services provided by reputed companies.

Interviewing, whether it is face to face or over the telephone, is a skill. Within just a few minutes you are required to assess the qualities and aptitude of a person and make a judgement on whether the candidate is suitable for the job and is a fit for the organisation. These days more and more companies are relying on conference calls to find the right candidate. This is especially relevant in a global economy where the candidate with the right skill sets could be located anywhere in the world. It is illogical and expensive to get everyone to come to your office premises for a face to face interview for every round.

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AdminTips for interviewing using conference calling

Conference calling is not just for business users

Businesses have always used conference calls as one of the most cost effective means of communicating with employees, customers and business partners who are spread all over the world. And they do that without even stepping out of the office. This saves a lot of time and money on travel and accommodation, especially if the people you need to communicate with on a regular basis are not based out of your local office.

Call conferencing is used extensively to gather members of a project team to get daily updates, immediate feedback about a businesses decision etc. Through a voice conference, miscommunication is eliminated because all delegates can be present at the meeting. There is no dilution in communication as is expected when someone relays the information or even when it is read from a written summary.

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AdminConference calling is not just for business users

Don’t repeat yourself – say it once to everyone

Many a time, participants of a conference call are required to repeat themselves over and over again because others are not able to hear them properly. If you find your conference calls fuzzy or disturbed by the hiss of static, fret not. Most of such issues that mar the quality of a voice conference can be easily eliminated.

The most important thing for crystal clear conferencing solutions is to choose the right conference call service provider. The better the technology used by the teleconferencing service provider, the greater will be the clarity of the call. The capacity of the conference bridge also matters.

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AdminDon’t repeat yourself – say it once to everyone

Recording a conference call – meeting minutes made easy

Taking minutes is an important activity that is part of every meeting, whether it is a normal face-to-face business meeting or a conference call. Accurate minutes reflect whatever was discussed during the meeting and make a permanent record of the discussion. Sometimes it may so happen that the person taking the minutes may forget to include some vital points or he may not even have heard them because he was busy scribbling down the previous point of discussion. By recording a voice conference, you can ensure that none of the important discussion points are missed. If the call is important enough you can even nave the entire call transcribed and sent to participants at a later date.

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AdminRecording a conference call – meeting minutes made easy

Conference calling: the easy way to communicate

The world today is highly advanced when it comes to communication. Many companies use video and audio conferencing solutions to a great extent to regularly keep in touch with business partners, colleagues and customers spread across the globe and also to save their time and money.

It might not be feasible for you to keep travelling to different places to connect with business contacts, friends or family. In this situation, conference call services prove to be the ideal solution. Through regular conference calls you can connect with any number of people located anywhere in the world.

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AdminConference calling: the easy way to communicate

Are conference calls as useful as face-to-face meetings?

Conference calls are all the rage right now and many businesses are opting for teleconferencing as their preferred technology for communicating with people who are located across the world. Through call conferencing, businesses can drastically cut down on their business travel expenditure and the time lost. In this day and age where companies need to keep their costs down, opting for conferencing services for communication is a smart way to move.

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AdminAre conference calls as useful as face-to-face meetings?