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Should you hold a conference call instead of your next meeting?

Conference calling is ever growing in popularity, constantly becoming easier and easier to use, and even, with some conference bridges, free. It’s really likely that you’re coming across it more and more in your working life. But every time you’re starting to plan a meeting, maybe you should ask yourself whether a conference call might be a better option.

So when is teleconferencing the right option? High up in the list of considerations should be how easy it is for everybody you need at the meeting to get there. If somebody is very far away, has young children or dependent family members, or is unwell, a conference call may be the better option. You can save participants discomfort, money and difficult planning, which will make them less resentful of the meeting and put them in a more productive mood, thus making the conference all the more successful. If people have busy schedules, it may be much easier for them to fit in a conference call from wherever they may be than to find time to travel to and from a meeting.

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AdminShould you hold a conference call instead of your next meeting?

Conference calling for the travelling professional

In our modern, globalised world, we are blessed with the chance to travel all over the planet, taking in all the different cultures, climates and landscapes it has to offer. For some lucky individuals, this opportunity is even offered within their job. If you have the good fortune to fit into this category, you should seriously consider making use of conference calling services available to you. They can be the key to solving the difficulties that being a travelling professional can entail.

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AdminConference calling for the travelling professional

The mute button – how and when to use it

Technology has been racing through massive advancements during the past few decades like never before. Our world is not the same as our grandparents’, and the business world is no exception; with new technology becoming a part of everyday routine, from emails to conference calls, there is a whole new set of rules and etiquette for the workforce to learn. One particular issue that has been uncovered as of great importance is the use of the mute button during a teleconference – how and when should you use it?

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AdminThe mute button – how and when to use it

Why call recording is so useful

The option to record telephone calls has, for many, been a revolutionary development in technology. It is one of the most wonderfully simple, life-changingly useful functions that have been created in recent years. If your reaction to this is surprise or skepticism, you should give call recording a try the next time you hold a professional phone call. It is a feature that you can now try for free through WHYPAY?, adding an extra bonus to your next free conference call.

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AdminWhy call recording is so useful

5 ways to get the most out of your next conference call

Many people are wary of conference calls, put off by preconceptions of an awkward, less productive experience than a face to face meeting would be. However, following these 5 tips for conference calling can help ensure your next teleconference runs smoothly, achieves its aim and avoids time being wasted.

1. Location

Before the conference call even begins, you should think carefully about where you are. Aim for a place with minimal background noise, and where you feel comfortable to talk freely. Minimise your distractions and make yourself comfortable so the conference call gets your full attention. Bustling offices or houses filled with children are not ideal, so try to find yourself some peace for the call’s duration.

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Admin5 ways to get the most out of your next conference call

Call recording now available – FREE

Following many requests over the last twelve months, we’re delighted to tell you that Conference Call Recording is now available at WHYPAY? as a FREE service for all our users.

Boasting many useful features, call recording is of course optional and can only be used with calls scheduled through the WHYPAY? website. To comply with call recording regulations, all participants are notified when calls are being recorded, both in the email invitations sent to participants and during the welcome announcement as they join the call.

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AdminCall recording now available – FREE

Telephone services – which one is right for you?

Teleconferencing needs are becoming more complex everyday. Being one of the most popular ways to host meetings or clinch deals, or even family calls, a conference call is extremely effective and cuts down costs brilliantly. Owing to this phenomenal success there has been an influx of service providers into the marketing niche to bank on the great potential of a teleconference. But with such excessive options and demand, the consumer is at a loss: which service provider suits one’s needs? With options for customising, you can run businesses or handle personal calls, or even set up a “family hotline”, some of which are designed to be extremely need-specific.

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AdminTelephone services – which one is right for you?

Using conference recording for employee exit interviews

Today the popularity of teleconferencing has reached an unprecedented height. A conference call can cut down costs, yield more productivity, bring geographically removed people closer, and even be used as a training tool for educational purposes. With the competent technology and the better features that the service providers bring to the scene, teleconferencing services have grown to encompass a wider variety of services, like web seminars and recording employee exit interviews.

Phone conferencing can advantageously affect a company’s growth and expansion because an employee can conduct businesses or make a sales presentation to a group of people in another part of the world, without even having to leave the office. Of the many new applications for conference calls, this article takes a look at how teleconference services can be helpful in recording an employee exit interview.

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AdminUsing conference recording for employee exit interviews

Why conference calls deliver more productive meetings

Teleconferencing is an efficient and hassle-free way to conduct a business meeting, primarily because you do not have to undergo the tedium of formal planning or even worse, travelling to a farther location. Most companies now prefer using a teleconference facility over flying great distances, since phone conferencing saves a tidy amount of money, which can be put to use to further develop the business. Most teleconferencing service providers offer an absolutely free calling facility. It is only sound business sense to use conference calls to set up meetings. Handled prudently, a phone conference business meeting is a great tool that can actually increase productivity.

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AdminWhy conference calls deliver more productive meetings

How call recording can benefit conference call participants

Telephone conferencing is the most favoured collaborative tool used by businesses the world over to communicate and coordinate operations between multiple offices. Be it a sales presentation, an internal meeting, a training session or a seminar, a voice conference is a cheap and effective alternate to face to face interaction, which can involve huge travel costs and is also slow compared to the fast connectivity provided these days by conference call service providers.

A conference call connecting a number of persons to each other is carried out with the help of a conference bridge which may be described as a server capable of answering many calls at once. Modern call conferencing, in conjunction with web conferencing allows people to not only speak to each other, but also see each other and share visuals and transfer data files via internet.

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AdminHow call recording can benefit conference call participants