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Conference calling – not just for the business environment

You hear the words ‘conference calling‘ and what do you imagine? The phrase evokes a sense of professionalism, formality and efficiency. And yet, since when are multi-person conversations only considered a thing of the business world? We all have friends and relatives scattered around across towns, cities and even seas, and conference calling – particularly completely free conference calling – offers an ideal way to keep in touch.

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GabiConference calling – not just for the business environment

How to use your mobile for conference calling without having to pay the price

Many businesses have turned to teleconferencing as a cost effective solution to their communication needs. However, providers of teleconferencing services offer much more than cost effective solutions, with emphasis on highly sophisticated systems that are feature-rich. It is common for businesses to engage in productive conference calls with clients, business affiliates, and colleagues from around the globe. Many people need to be constantly on the move, which makes mobile phones the preferred mode of communication. Conference calls can be made from mobile phones at no extra cost. Participants are required to dial into a conference bridge from their mobile phone in order to gain access to aconference Call.

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GabiHow to use your mobile for conference calling without having to pay the price

Is teleconferencing relevant in the 21st century?

Undoubtedly, teleconferencing has changed the way businesses communicate with their employees and customers. With increased competition among businesses and the quest to go global, teleconferencing has become an important aspect of communication. Besides, it is the most interactive way to conduct meetings when employees or customers are located throughout the globe or even in different corners of a county. With teleconferencing services available at affordable prices, it allows for great savings in money and time where participants need not travel to a specific location to attend a meeting.

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GabiIs teleconferencing relevant in the 21st century?

What is the difference between a web conference and a telephone conference?

In order to remain in the competition or stand out from the crowd, every business needs to be on top of their game, especially when it comes to communication between employees and potential or existing clients. Teleconferencing and web conferencing have proved to be effective methods in bridging the communication gap and bringing together employees and customers from across the globe. Both types of services have certain benefits and drawbacks.

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GabiWhat is the difference between a web conference and a telephone conference?

Can I conference call on my mobile?

Thanks to technology, conference calling isn’t restricted to landlines alone. You can dial into a conference from your mobile and potentially save a considerable amount of money. Besides, you needn’t be confined to a conference room or your desk when you have the privilege of using your mobile phone. With calls becoming cheaper, teleconferencing through mobile phones has become the buzz word these days.

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GabiCan I conference call on my mobile?

How conference calling became free to use

Conference calls are one of the most cost-effective ways to host meetings or present information with international clients, without having to face the tedium of travelling or the exorbitant cost of having to put up in a hotel. With the booming of the teleconference services over the past decade or so, the service providers have tried to incorporate more features and coverage-plans, which prove beneficial to the consumer.Teleconferencing services routinely upgrade their plan so that the latest technology in the market can be had at economical prices. One of best coverage plans in recent time in the free conferencing calling service. But what is a free conference call and how does it work.

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GabiHow conference calling became free to use

Telephone services – which one is right for you?

Teleconferencing needs are becoming more complex everyday. Being one of the most popular ways to host meetings or clinch deals, or even family calls, a conference call is extremely effective and cuts down costs brilliantly. Owing to this phenomenal success there has been an influx of service providers into the marketing niche to bank on the great potential of a teleconference. But with such excessive options and demand, the consumer is at a loss: which service provider suits one’s needs? With options for customising, you can run businesses or handle personal calls, or even set up a “family hotline”, some of which are designed to be extremely need-specific.

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GabiTelephone services – which one is right for you?

Conference calls for training

A conference call connects a number of people to a single phone line at the same time. Advanced conferencing solutions allow the participants to virtually connect, irrespective of their physical location.

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GabiConference calls for training

How can conference calls save your business money?

Running a business with multiple offices in different locations is now much easier than what it was a few years back, thanks to conferencing services. Employees at different places can be given instructions, reports can be received and performances evaluated with the help of teleconferencing services. Coordination between different offices is a necessity and can be achieved with the help of conference calls quite easily.

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GabiHow can conference calls save your business money?

What is a conference call?

Modern businesses have offices and branches not only all over the country but even all over the globe. In such a scenario, travelling expenses can form a major chunk of total business expenses. Where cost cutting is the order of the day, many multinational businesses have adopted teleconferencing as the most effective tool for communication between different employees, stakeholders and customers.

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GabiWhat is a conference call?