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The facts about conference calling

Conference calls have become one of the most preferred means of communication for businesses, especially to keep in touch with clients, investors, colleagues and other stake holders who might be spread across different parts of the world.

Conferencing services are not just for businesses but also for ordinary individuals who may want to connect with a group of friends or family members. There are so many different reasons why a group of people might want to be able to talk. The impulse to communicate is universal across mankind, so the uses of teleconferencing are practically infinite!

In this article we will discuss some basic facts that will serve as a primer for teleconferencing.

How does a conference call work?

Conference call service providers host something called a conference bridge which is a server that can connect multiple telephone lines at the same time. It is the bridge that callers dial into to get connected to the teleconference. All you need is an ordinary telephone line to start telephone conferencing with any number of people located anywhere in the world.

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GabiThe facts about conference calling

Did you save £16 on your last conference call?

A quick analysis of our CDRs (Call Statistics) for April shows the average conference call duration was 40 minutes and 11 seconds.

OK, so that’s a pretty interesting number in itself but when you translate that to the cost of dialling an equivalent “free” conference call service hosted on an 08 number from a mobile phone, it represents £16.07 per person, per call. So, if there were five people on your last 30 minute conference call, all dialling in from mobiles, let’s hope you saved yourselves more than £80 by using WHYPAY?

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GabiDid you save £16 on your last conference call?

No more high charges for conference calling

Traditionally, conference calls have been associated with large corporations who have budgets to buy expensive equipment and host their own conference bridge. But now, the technology has become affordable to all. There are many affordable conferencing services in the market and depending on the nature of your business and volume of calls, you can choose the most appropriate among the conferencing solutions available in the market.

Telephone conferencing is not just for businesses, but for individuals as well. If you need to talk to a group of friends or family at the same time, what better then a voice conference where everyone is present at the same time.

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GabiNo more high charges for conference calling

Conference calling: the easy way to communicate

The world today is highly advanced when it comes to communication. Many companies use video and audio conferencing solutions to a great extent to regularly keep in touch with business partners, colleagues and customers spread across the globe and also to save their time and money.

It might not be feasible for you to keep travelling to different places to connect with business contacts, friends or family. In this situation, conference call services prove to be the ideal solution. Through regular conference calls you can connect with any number of people located anywhere in the world.

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GabiConference calling: the easy way to communicate

Conference calling reduces carbon impact

Teleconferencing is the preferred means of business communication today because it helps save time, money and even the environment. Call conferencing eliminates the need for frequent travel and cuts down the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by automobiles and air crafts.

The long distance business trips taken by professionals all over the world runs to millions of kilometres. This results in serious ecological and environmental consequences. By making use of conferencing services, business can reduce their carbon footprint due to frequent travel to a considerable extent. Several million passenger miles are logged every year to attend conferences, trade shows and meetings.

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GabiConference calling reduces carbon impact

How does free conference calling work?

If you are serious about the success of your business, you cannot afford to ignore communication. To discuss business proposals, make sales presentations or share financial results of the company, earlier people used to travel to meet face to face. But through conference calls, you will be able to communicate with any number of people without them being physically present with you in the same room. Travelling to business meetings not only takes time, but it is also expensive. When there are a host of free conference call solutions available, smart companies turn to them to cut the costs and yet keep the business running smoothly.

Free conference calls make business and personal communication easy. Many conferencing services provide affordable conferencing solutions, but if your teleconferencing needs are at a basic level, the free conference call services may be enough for you.

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GabiHow does free conference calling work?

Audio conferencing and options explained

Conference calls have revolutionised the way people communicate with others located in different geographical locations. By allowing three or more people to communicate simultaneously no matter where they are located, conference call services have truly made a difference in business and personal communications.

A teleconference works by connecting all the individual callers to a conference bridge which is a sophisticated server maintained by the teleconferencing service provider. The bridge acts like a telephone that is capable of answering multiple telephone calls at the same time. Conferencing services also include advanced features such as call recording, audience polls and surveys, in addition to the basic call conferencing facility.

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GabiAudio conferencing and options explained

How to get free conference calls

Conference calls have now become so much a part of today’s business scenario that it is difficult to imagine that just a few years ago, people found it difficult to communicate simultaneously with others who were located in different parts of the globe. Call conferencing helps people connect to each other, no matter how many members there are, whenever they want, wherever they are located. That is the power of teleconferencing.

Most of the conferencing solutions offered by reputed conferencing service providers are easy to use and affordable. Telephone conferencing is so commonplace now that even free conference calls can be made through toll free numbers. Some conference call service providers give a toll free number that you can dial to start phone conferencing. Toll free conference calls can be done at a moment’s notice and there is no need to make a reservation.

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GabiHow to get free conference calls

Working from home? Here’s why you need conference calling

Interested in working from home and conference calling? You’re not the only one. The internet has changed the way people communicate and even how they work. Increasingly faster internet connections enable you to work right from the comfort of your home and to avoid those frustrating traffic snarls and daily commutes. And with the recent coronavirus pandemic forcing more companies to work from home than ever before, conference calls are becoming a popular way for colleagues and clients to keep in contact on a regular basis.

If you haven’t made the most of conference calling already while working from home, here’s why you should.

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GabiWorking from home? Here’s why you need conference calling

Choosing a suitable conference call provider

The right conference call service provider plays an important role in helping businesses make smooth and hassle free conference calls. Most business organisations these days can rarely get by without having the facility for video or voice conference with clients, business partners and colleagues who are located in different parts of the world. Choosing an appropriate teleconferencing service provider is key to making the most out of this amazing technology that lets you communicate with any number of people, any time, anywhere in the world.

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GabiChoosing a suitable conference call provider