How conference calling became free to use

Conference calls are one of the most cost-effective ways to host meetings or present information with international clients, without having to face the tedium of travelling or the exorbitant cost of having to put up in a hotel. With the booming of the teleconference services over the past decade or so, the service providers have tried to incorporate more features and coverage-plans, which prove beneficial to the consumer.Teleconferencing services routinely upgrade their plan so that the latest technology in the market can be had at economical prices. One of best coverage plans in recent time in the free conferencing calling service. But what is a free conference call and how does it work.

Free conference calling

Like regular teleconferencing the basic mechanism of a free conference call lets you have a PIN and an access code or a pass code. You hook up with a conference bridge and type in the code-this allows instant access to a conference the actual calling is completely free if you use a provider with an 03 NUMBER in the UK. There are no surcharges, tax, or hidden charges. Websites offering this service lets you connect to any number of people at the same time, without having to pay for the call as is the case in a teleconference service provider. Of course, this might seem a bit dubious to most people. How does this system actually work?

The reality of a free calling service is that you do not pay anything to the company that hosts the conference-bridge. In paid services, you would have to opt for a pay-per-conference or pay-per-minute plan. Instead in free calling, you pay for accessing the conference bridge (in fact, as a charge) from your mobile operator. Most free conferencing calls are hosted on a special rate number like 0844 or 0871, or the notorious 1800 for US customers. However the fact is that these numbers are more costly to dial than the normal set of numbers (03, 02, 01 etc). There are some services like WHYPAY?, which actually makes use of the 03 numbers, thereby being actually free.

The disadvantages

There actually is a very serious legal debate centering on the use of free conference calls. Typically large-scale businesses do not depend on this service because of its unreliability. Certain numbers appear to be blocked, and the audio quality of the call may turn out to be frustratingly poor.

AdminHow conference calling became free to use
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