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Cheap conference calls – are they reliable?

Cheap conference call services connect three or more people together via telephone so that they can communicate with each other. It is very easy to make a conference call, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial into the conference bridge that is hosted by the teleconferencing service provider.

There are many cheap conferencing services that will allow you to host a voice conference at a negligible cost or even for free. Small and medium sized companies may not need complex conferencing solutions; they may just need to host a voice conference once in a while. In such cases, cheap call conferencing facilities are ideal.

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GabiCheap conference calls – are they reliable?

Audio conference call benefits

Conference calls seem to the preferred means of communication for most businesses today. And with good reason too. Through teleconferencing you can reach out and communicate with people who are located anywhere in the world. Conferencing services use something called the conference bridge that callers dial into to connect to the teleconference in progress. Depending on the size and nature of your business there are many conferencing solutions that you can choose from.

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GabiAudio conference call benefits

Are conference calls as useful as face-to-face meetings?

Conference calls are all the rage right now and many businesses are opting for teleconferencing as their preferred technology for communicating with people who are located across the world. Through call conferencing, businesses can drastically cut down on their business travel expenditure and the time lost. In this day and age where companies need to keep their costs down, opting for conferencing services for communication is a smart way to move.

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GabiAre conference calls as useful as face-to-face meetings?

If we all saved £11 per call…

A quick analysis of our CDRs (Call Statistics) for February shows the average conference call duration was 27 minutes and 9 seconds.

OK, so that’s a pretty interesting number in itself but when you translate that to the cost of dialling an equivalent “free” conference call service hosted on an 08 number from a mobile phone, it represents £10.80 per person, per call. So, if there were five people on your last 30 minute conference call, all dialling in from mobiles, let’s hope you saved yourselves £54 by using WHYPAY?

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GabiIf we all saved £11 per call…

Conference bridge

A conference bridge is what you call the equipment that makes it possible to converge a number of audio and video connections to a single destination. The conference bridge receives inbound signals from the telephone switch and confirms the same with a return signal. It is a conference bridge that makes it possible for conference calls to be conducted for any number of locations, with any number of connections.

A conference bridge is basically a device that connects multiple circuits to make a conference call. They are also available for key telephone systems and PBX systems.

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GabiConference bridge