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Carbon offsetting for businesses: a world saviour or a silly idea?

With all the troubles in the world, no business can be solely about making money. We all have to do our little bit to try and make things better, and one area that often – deservedly – receives a lot of attention is trying to tackle environmental issues. This is particularly relevant and beneficial because so many businesses do so often add to rather than help combat climate change.

One way that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, and individuals too, is carbon offsetting. This is essentially where companies can pay for the carbon emissions they cause to be neutralised, by offsetting them elsewhere. For example, if somebody had to take a flight to a meeting, they would use an offsetting website to calculate how much carbon that flight had added to the atmosphere, and pay for a project designed to reduce future emissions, for example by distributing low-energy lightbulbs to towns in Chile. There are also products available which include carbon offsetting in their price, which means you don’t even have to opt-in to neutralise your impact, it is done from the moment of purchase, or possibly even production.

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AdminCarbon offsetting for businesses: a world saviour or a silly idea?

Why your blog content isn’t getting read

Creating great quality content is really important for your business, and comes with a whole host of benefits and positive impacts for your company and its image. But unfortunately, writing pieces of a high quality isn’t always quite enough to guarantee that your content actually reaches the audience you were hoping for.

For a lot of people, there is a great deal of frustration and confusion as to just why the content that they have put hard work into creating isn’t getting read.

There’s no simple equation to ensure that your content gets out there to all the right people, and no quick way to figure out exactly what’s holding it back. But if you are struggling to get your content read, it may well be for one of these reasons.

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AdminWhy your blog content isn’t getting read

How conference calls can aid research projects

Conference calls have innumerable uses and benefits which you might not be making the most of. For many people, simply not being part of the business environment rules out teleconferencing, but this leaves a great deal of wasted potential, as well as time and energy. Ultimately, audio conferences are simply a way of bringing people together and facilitating communication, and so they have a use in all walks of life – teaching, creating, small communities like prayer groups, and so on. One broad area which stands to gain a great deal from the use of virtual meetings is research projects.

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AdminHow conference calls can aid research projects

Can uni students really make use of conference calling?

For many people, conference calling belongs in the realms of offices and official meetings. But taking this attitude is not only inaccurate, it can mean you lose out a great deal and waste a shed load of potential. For uni students, a group generally interested in communication and staying in the loop, conference calls could have a tonne of great uses.

Study groups

Starting with the academic side of university (something many students perhaps don’t do…) you have the beneficial tradition of study groups. In some universities, these are organised and enforced by professors themselves, while other students choose to form their own study groups to help each other with assignments – in both cases, the results are invariably beneficial.

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AdminCan uni students really make use of conference calling?

Conference calling: one more way to reduce your carbon footprint

Running a business brings with it a great deal of responsibility. You have to be able to make decisions which could impact you tremendously, as well as all of your colleagues, employees, partners, and families. But your responsibility is also much broader than this: a responsibility to your society – to conduct your business ethically and honestly – and to your planet.

It’s increasingly important that we all work together to reduce our collective carbon footprint upon the Earth, and taking little steps can make a huge difference. One option that you have within your professional life is incorporating conference calling more firmly into your every day routine.

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AdminConference calling: one more way to reduce your carbon footprint

Why is there so much conference calling in sport?

To most people, conference calling belongs in offices and meeting rooms. But holding a meeting over the phone can be useful in many walks of life, and one area that conference calls are being utilised is in the world of sports. In essence this is because sport involves team work. Even solo sports require a team working in the background, and good team relations and clear understanding between all members are the essential building blocks of a sporting win. But conference calls can also help sports teams to communicate with the public.

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AdminWhy is there so much conference calling in sport?

US government holds conference call on partnerships in the middle east

One common misconception that we try to address at WHYPAY? is that conference calling is not just for businesses. In fact conference calls can be used within a wide field or practices and walks of life – from sports, to music, to teaching, to religion. Very recently, the US government once again demonstrated to the world the considerable power of conference calling (something governments have exemplified before) by holding talks via conference call about their partnerships and future directions in the middle east.

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AdminUS government holds conference call on partnerships in the middle east

Conference calling for prayer groups

The teleconference is a communication tool with immense power and a huge well of potential which has often, unfortunately, gone to waste. The problem is that many people perceive conference calling purely as a business tool, when in reality it has so much more to offer with a great deal of uses outside the office. From teachers, to sportspeople, to governments, or even prayer groups, conference calls are a unifying environment allowing a group of people with a common goal to collaborate and communicate. The world is constantly getting busier, quicker, and finding time can be really tricky, even for those with the strongest faith. That’s why prayer groups held over the phone can be such a great way to keep your religious community together, not to mention helping reduce damage to our planet.

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AdminConference calling for prayer groups

Make a FREE conference call on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Nokia or any Other Device

In today’s money-driven environment, you might not believe that there’s a service which allows you to make conference calls from your mobile phone without having a charge appear on your monthly bill. But WHYPAY? is a service that can offer just that – free conference calls that are included in the minutes package you get with your mobile network.

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AdminMake a FREE conference call on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Nokia or any Other Device

Electronic band tanlines preview their new album via conference call

Conference calling is not just reserved for businesses, and not tapping into its potential in all walks of life is a tragic waste, particularly when you can get it completely free. Recently, the electronic band Tanlines demonstrated some of the teleconference’s largely untapped potential by using a conference call to preview their new album.

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AdminElectronic band tanlines preview their new album via conference call