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Why your blog content isn’t getting read

Creating great quality content is really important for your business, and comes with a whole host of benefits and positive impacts for your company and its image. But unfortunately, writing pieces of a high quality isn’t always quite enough to guarantee that your content actually reaches the audience you were hoping for.

For a lot of people, there is a great deal of frustration and confusion as to just why the content that they have put hard work into creating isn’t getting read.

There’s no simple equation to ensure that your content gets out there to all the right people, and no quick way to figure out exactly what’s holding it back. But if you are struggling to get your content read, it may well be for one of these reasons.

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AdminWhy your blog content isn’t getting read

How to host a conference call like a pro: The ultimate guide

Having to host a conference call, particularly for the first time, can feel a bit daunting or even confusing. It’s important to have an idea about what you’re doing, so that you can have a productive, useful meeting over the phone, rather than a confused, chaotic call that’s hard work for everyone. To make sure your conference calls are streamlined and productive, we’ve put together this handy, comprehensive guide. Following these steps will allow you to get the most out of your call.

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AdminHow to host a conference call like a pro: The ultimate guide

What do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Genuinely free conference calling, a ground-breaking service offered by conference bridge WHYPAY? is an irreplaceable and invaluable business tool that you may not realise you are not fully taking advantage of. Even if you don’t work in an office – if you are a teacher, for example, a musician, or even a pastor – there are so many great uses for teleconferencing.

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AdminWhat do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Why you’re not as productive as you could be

In a world where time is money and every minute is filled with something, maximum productivity is vital. Everything is constantly speeding up, tasks have to be completed more quickly with fewer steps. The modern business world needs things to be fast, smooth, and efficient. That’s why professional productivity is absolutely essential in order to find success, and there are lots of different ways you can go about boosting yours. Here are just a handful of tips that might help make you more productive, and give you new ideas about what else you can do to use your time more profitably.

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AdminWhy you’re not as productive as you could be

5 of the best apps for working professionals

There are so many smartphone and desktop applications out there that it can be easy to find your devices completely cluttered up with tools that you rarely use. Many of today’s apps are designed to make life easier and more efficient for us in some way, and a significant proportion of them are geared towards working professionals. But are any of these apps really going to make your job easier?

Well yes, some of them certainly can, because they address very real problems in the work place, like keeping all your notes and ideas organised. But it can be hard to know which apps are reliable and useful without trying them first. It’s also important to realise that any application requires time and attention before you’ll get anything out of it, and this is something that many people struggle with.

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Admin5 of the best apps for working professionals

5 tips for working away from the office

The way we work is rapidly changing, as technology allows us to stay constantly connected. Thanks to this, you can now decide how, where and when you work, to suit your own lifestyle, and more people than ever are adopting this new approach. If you have the opportunity to work away from the usual office environment, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure you are as productive as possible.

1. Think about which environment is right for you

You have just gained the freedom to escape your office with its set rules and hours. So don’t carry on penning yourself in by making assumptions about what your new work environment should be like. For example, working from home doesn’t have to mean working from home. Experiment what kind of environment works for you and makes you as productive as possible – everybody is different. Try out coffeehouses, your garden, a study, the park, a library… there are so many possibilities, and you never know what could be the best for you. With more and more people choosing telecommuting as their mode of work, you can easily surround yourself with other people in the same position as you, so that you are still in a productive and work-driven atmosphere.

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Admin5 tips for working away from the office

Is remote working right for your workplace?

A revolution in the way we work is underway. Remote working is constantly becoming more and more feasible and convenient as technology develops, allowing us to keep in touch and get things done more efficiently, regardless of location. Highly useful tools like conference calling are making remote working easier than ever.

Could your business be next? Well, there are lots of things to take into consideration before you decide to implement remote working permanently, and lots of different ways that you could integrate it into your workplace. Not only does it come with a whole host of professional benefits, it could be a huge step in making your business environmentally friendly.

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AdminIs remote working right for your workplace?

Using conference calls for customer/staff support

Teamwork is almost always crucial to achieving something in business. Even the most experienced, successful professional would tend to confess that two heads are better than one, and three better than two, and… you get the idea. A group of productive people working together will generally achieve a huge deal more than just one or two could have.

Sometimes when there is a challenging problem to solve (whether it’s staff or customer based), a co-operative approach is required. And this is where we think many organisations could be making more use of conference calls. Conference calling, because it’s so simple, can be very easily integrated into any company’s support systems.

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AdminUsing conference calls for customer/staff support

Business marketing tips: let your content do the talking

For some people, marketing has developed a bad name. We have grown used to and tired of many of the intrusive pop-ups and colourful banners flashing above the information we had actually searched for. In many cases, such marketing techniques barely get a second glance. We now live in a world where there are a hundred providers of the same product or service, and each is using marketing to tell you why they are the best or the cheapest. It’s no wonder there are now so many reviewers who’s mission it is to separate the good from the average by testing products themselves and giving the buyer an “objective” opinion.

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AdminBusiness marketing tips: let your content do the talking

02 access charge soon to be 45 pence per minute

On the 1st of July Ofcom introduced a highly significant change to the way we get charged for making certain telephone calls.

All calls to service numbers (that’s any number beginning with 084, 087, 09 or 118) are now charged differently: There’s an access charge (set by the network provider) and a service charge (set by the company you’re calling). More on service charges

O2 are set to bump up their access charge after initially setting it at 25 pence per minute. The new charge of 45 pence will come into effect on the 17th of August, and brings O2 closer to its competitors. When the new charging system was introduced by Ofcom, networks were given the freedom to set their access charge on a provided range, hence the variation in access charges seen between major UK networks. But as competing networks have revealed their charges, it seems some have been left tempted to adjust things.

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Admin02 access charge soon to be 45 pence per minute