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How secure is free conference calling? Is it safe?

Very often, people hear the word ‘free’ and become immediately wary. There is, of course, the knee-jerk reaction that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In this increasingly cynical, money-centric world filled with false promises and loopholes, it’s an understandable reaction. Still, having even given WHYPAY?’s website or blog a cursory glance, you would know that although we can make no promises about lunch, there is such a thing as a genuinely free conference call.

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AdminHow secure is free conference calling? Is it safe?

WHYPAY? infrastructure – an interview with two techy, savvy professionals to explain stuff to laypeople like you and me

Trying to fully understand the workings and benefits of any technologically-based service can be tricky if you have no real involvement in the industry, as professionals consider so much knowledge a given. That’s why here, we try to break things down a little more, so that you can understand exactly what WHYPAY? is offering, whether it’s suitable for you, and why it’s so great. Kindly sharing their rather considerable knowledge with us are Managing Director Martyn King, and Technical Director Simon Sharman.

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AdminWHYPAY? infrastructure – an interview with two techy, savvy professionals to explain stuff to laypeople like you and me

Conference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

Teleconferencing is such an invaluable tool that it has found innumerable uses, gaining a key place even outside of the business environment. But within the professional world, one particular area that stands to gain a great deal from integrating virtual meetings into its activities is the recruitment field.

As an area which naturally dedicates its time to connecting multiple different parties, such a simple and effective communication tool seems like an obvious blessing. By making extensive use of conference calling, recruitment agencies are able to contact a vast number of potential employees easily and cheaply – particularly with the availability of genuinely free conference calls. That means you are boosting your chances of finding more and more suitable candidates for the particular role you are recruiting for, benefiting you, the employer, and the candidates.

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AdminConference calls and call recording for recruitment agencies

What do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Genuinely free conference calling, a ground-breaking service offered by conference bridge WHYPAY? is an irreplaceable and invaluable business tool that you may not realise you are not fully taking advantage of. Even if you don’t work in an office – if you are a teacher, for example, a musician, or even a pastor – there are so many great uses for teleconferencing.

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AdminWhat do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Set up a conference call in seconds: use WHYPAY?

Conference calling is constantly growing and developing, earning its place as one of the most invaluable – and, as it happens, inexpensive – business tools available. If you don’t already use it frequently, there are reasons why you should be conference calling, particularly as it’s available completely free, if you know where to look.

But in today’s world people don’t just want more for less, they want it quickly. And WHYPAY? lets you set up a conference call within seconds, even the very first time you use it. All you have to do is hit the Big Green Button at the bottom of this post or on the WHYPAY? home page. There is nothing else to it. Once that button is clicked, your conference call room will be created, you will be provided with the conference room number and PIN, and you can dial in from that moment onwards.

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AdminSet up a conference call in seconds: use WHYPAY?

WHYPAY?: the easiest, quickest, cheapest conference calling service?

Conference calling is a quick and simple business tool that makes professional life much more convenient and enhances communication between colleagues, clients and employers. But there are so many different conference call bridges to choose from, and they are by no means equal. In fact, some are sneaky, tucking hidden costs behind every corner or being overly complex to use. WHYPAY? on the other hand, is a whole different story, and is arguably the best call conferencing service on offer.

WHYPAY? is so easy and straightforward to use that even the very biggest technophobes can make the most of its service without difficulty. Simply visiting the WHYPAY? homepage is enough: one click of The Big Green Button is all it takes to create your conference call room. WHYPAY? simply gives you the conference room number and an access PIN. Share these with your desired participants, dial into the call at a time of your choice and you have everything you need. The conference call room will be yours to use as frequently as you like, for as long as you like and with anything up to 100 participants. There’s no other information to remember or complicated technology to set up. Is there a conference bridge with a quicker service than one simple click of a button?

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AdminWHYPAY?: the easiest, quickest, cheapest conference calling service?

How to make your next conference call free of charge

Conference calling has swelled in popularity over recent years, and consequently become easier and easier to use. It’s probable that holding or participating in a teleconference has become almost an everyday activity – if it hasn’t maybe it should very soon – so that you can make better informed decisions in the work that you do. Some conference call bridges advertise themselves as free, despite coming with premium rate call charges or other hidden costs. But, don’t be disheartened, this does not mean there is no such thing as a free conference call. There certainly is, so make sure you’re doing all the things you should be to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

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AdminHow to make your next conference call free of charge

Is your conference calling service truly free to use?

With the rise of technology, we have seen the amount of tools available to businesses soar over recent years. Simultaneously, pressure has grown to make these tools easy and efficient to use, and as cost-effective for businesses as possible. Three of our main priorities in the business world are communication, efficiency, and financial wisdom. These meet their harmonious combination in the oft-advertised ‘free conference call’. But a concerning proportion of the times that you see this claim, it turns out to be false, costing you and your business money. You have to take care, and read carefully, to ascertain whether your conference calls really are free.

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AdminIs your conference calling service truly free to use?

Call recording now available – FREE

Following many requests over the last twelve months, we’re delighted to tell you that Conference Call Recording is now available at WHYPAY? as a FREE service for all our users.

Boasting many useful features, call recording is of course optional and can only be used with calls scheduled through the WHYPAY? website. To comply with call recording regulations, all participants are notified when calls are being recorded, both in the email invitations sent to participants and during the welcome announcement as they join the call.

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AdminCall recording now available – FREE

New features on WHYPAY? and yes, they’re still free

WHYPAY? is undergoing some changes, with our development team working on a host of new features to enhance the service. It’s still as simple as ever, with the ability to set up and dial into a new conference room in seconds using The Big Green Button, but we’ve added some extra tools for those who want more from their WHYPAY? experience.

Save your Conference Details

You can now have your conference rooms at your finger tips, literally. By downloading a contact card directly to your smartphone or other device you can save your conference room to your contacts list and dial straight in whenever you need to. You can generate as many rooms and contact cards as you need, just give each room a memorable name so you know which is which.

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AdminNew features on WHYPAY? and yes, they’re still free