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Conference calling – not just for the business environment

You hear the words ‘conference calling‘ and what do you imagine? The phrase evokes a sense of professionalism, formality and efficiency. And yet, since when are multi-person conversations only considered a thing of the business world? We all have friends and relatives scattered around across towns, cities and even seas, and conference calling – particularly completely free conference calling – offers an ideal way to keep in touch.

With WHYPAY? there are absolutely no additional charges incurred by holding a conference call instead of a two-person phone call. This is because the conference call just like a normal two-person call, will be included in your bundled minutes, and if you have none available, it will simply be charged at your standard rate for landlines (01/02 number rates).

To make matters even more straightforward, there is no necessity for any kind of specialist equipment. Your WHYPAY? conference call can be accessed from standard mobile or landline phones, payphones or even services like Skype.

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AdminConference calling – not just for the business environment

UK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

As businesses turn to teleconferencing in a bid to solve their communication issues, most of them look to cut costs. In a competitive market, there are many providers like WHYPAY? that offer a host of teleconferencing services at affordable rates. These cost effective solutions allow users to create a free conference room with no hidden costs.

Conference calls using 08 numbers turn out to be more expensive since there are no free bundled minutes offered by mobile operators for calls to those numbers. On the other hand, teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? offer free conference calls since calls to 03 numbers from mobiles or fixed phones are included in the free bundled minutes offered by mobile and landline operators, making calls to these numbers virtually free. Where free minutes are not available, all calls are charged at the same rate as calls to landline numbers across the UK, which are 01 and 02 numbers.

WHYPAY? allows you to set up a free teleconference room with the best voice quality possible. You are provided with an access code for managing the conference while a separate access code is provided for participants.

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AdminUK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

Conference call service – free vs paid

Teleconferencing has enabled millions around the globe to converse or take part in a meeting simultaneously, thereby increasing the potential for business while staying clear of the burden of travel and airfare costs. A conference call allows a person to be connected to multiple people at the same time thereby increasing the efficiency of a business call. Teleconferencing services provide several service plans that can cover individual needs.

Prior to the popularisation of phone conferencing, businessmen and employees had to concern themselves with tedious arrangement (choosing a venue, sending invitation, food etc.), all of which can now be safely ignored. Moreover, making a conference call means that the client is in his element, too, which ultimately decides the fate of a business proposal. With such a vast potential opening up for phone meetings, the service providers have tapped into the virgin-field with alacrity, offering competent coverage plans targeting the fastidious consumer. This article takes a brief look at the free conference calling services and the paid services currently available in the market.

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AdminConference call service – free vs paid

How call recording can benefit conference call participants

Telephone conferencing is the most favoured collaborative tool used by businesses the world over to communicate and coordinate operations between multiple offices. Be it a sales presentation, an internal meeting, a training session or a seminar, a voice conference is a cheap and effective alternate to face to face interaction, which can involve huge travel costs and is also slow compared to the fast connectivity provided these days by conference call service providers.

A conference call connecting a number of persons to each other is carried out with the help of a conference bridge which may be described as a server capable of answering many calls at once. Modern call conferencing, in conjunction with web conferencing allows people to not only speak to each other, but also see each other and share visuals and transfer data files via internet.

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AdminHow call recording can benefit conference call participants