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Conference calling services MUST make it easy for their users

We live in a world of ever-growing gadgets, apps and technologies. Nothing stays still, and there are always new services being introduced to us. Currently, there are a number of free business tools that can bring real benefits to those who use them. One of the most vital of these is the conference call, and yes phone conferencing really can be free if the right service provider is used. But its not just about getting your money’s worth, it’s also crucial that services like conference calling are genuinely easy to use. People need efficiency, speed, ease – we are used to these things, and anything that doesn’t meet the necessary standard will quite rightly be abandoned.

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AdminConference calling services MUST make it easy for their users

Conference call interviews – the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s

Holding screening interviews over the telephone is constantly becoming a more common practice. It comes with many benefits, as it saves both the interviewer and the interviewee time and money otherwise spent on travelling to and from the interview, waiting for any possible delays in arrival to the interview and so on. Nonetheless, it is a relatively new and growing technique, and as such conference call tips can be extremely useful, to make sure you get the most out of your telephone conference. To help you hold the most successful conference call interviews possible, here is a list of handy ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s to keep in mind.

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AdminConference call interviews – the ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s

How many participants to have in a conference call

The question of how many participants to have in a conference call can be a tricky one to answer. With all of the different uses for conference calls, there are all kinds of different teleconferences happening. Each will have its own parameters. But there are some general guidelines which apply in almost all cases.

Another thing to consider is that conference calls have a maximum number of participants, set by the conference call provider. To learn more about how many participants you can and should have in a conference call, read on.

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AdminHow many participants to have in a conference call

How to be a conference call guru – understanding vocal cues

With conference calling being such a useful business tool, it may already be an important part of your working week. With experience, conference callers pick up certain tricks and tips that help boost teleconferencing success, but there is no doubt that conference calls come with their own unique challenges. In a face to face meeting, you can see your clients’ and colleagues’ body language, but in a conference call, much more is left to the imagination.

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AdminHow to be a conference call guru – understanding vocal cues

Will the telephone ever die out?

Over recent years, telephone calls have slowly declined in popularity. Instant messaging, emails, and video conferences have all played a huge role in this, in some circumstances providing a more convenient or appropriate method of communication. So the question is, will telephones move on to the realms of out-dated technology, the forgotten toys, an obsolete, archaic invention in the eyes of future generations?

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AdminWill the telephone ever die out?

5 ways to get the most out of your next conference call

Many people are wary of conference calls, put off by preconceptions of an awkward, less productive experience than a face to face meeting would be. However, following these 5 tips for conference calling can help ensure your next teleconference runs smoothly, achieves its aim and avoids time being wasted.

1. Location

Before the conference call even begins, you should think carefully about where you are. Aim for a place with minimal background noise, and where you feel comfortable to talk freely. Minimise your distractions and make yourself comfortable so the conference call gets your full attention. Bustling offices or houses filled with children are not ideal, so try to find yourself some peace for the call’s duration.

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Admin5 ways to get the most out of your next conference call

Working from home – an opportunity made possible with conference calling

Conference calls can create and expand possibilities for people who wish, or need, to work from home. For many, working from home can be an ideal situation, or sometimes even the only option. Many life circumstances can make commuting to work every day extremely difficult and inconvenient: young children, disability, living far from the company’s base, having dependent family members or simply working better alone, rather than surrounded by groups of people. Thus, the ability to work from home opens up great professional opportunities for those who may otherwise have very little available to them.

However, while working from home may alleviate some of the pressures and difficulties confronted in the search for a suitable job, it can create new and unique issues. A key problem faced by many working from home is the lack of communication with employers and colleagues. The distance between them, the lack of daily face to face contact, can make workers feel out of the loop and alienated. This lack of communication can lead to high levels of stress, disorganisation and poor productivity for those working from home.

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AdminWorking from home – an opportunity made possible with conference calling

Is your conference calling service truly free to use?

With the rise of technology, we have seen the amount of tools available to businesses soar over recent years. Simultaneously, pressure has grown to make these tools easy and efficient to use, and as cost-effective for businesses as possible. Three of our main priorities in the business world are communication, efficiency, and financial wisdom. These meet their harmonious combination in the oft-advertised ‘free conference call’. But a concerning proportion of the times that you see this claim, it turns out to be false, costing you and your business money. You have to take care, and read carefully, to ascertain whether your conference calls really are free.

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AdminIs your conference calling service truly free to use?

Managing remote staff – the power of conference calling

Employing remote staff can be a wise and beneficial decision both for the employer and the employee. Remote staffing offers a great employment opportunity for people who are skilled and committed workers, but perhaps more suited to introverted work than contributing to a wider team. It is also an ideal solution for people who are not easily able to travel to work for any reason, including having young children or a disability.

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AdminManaging remote staff – the power of conference calling

Conference calling – not just for the business environment

You hear the words ‘conference calling‘ and what do you imagine? The phrase evokes a sense of professionalism, formality and efficiency. And yet, since when are multi-person conversations only considered a thing of the business world? We all have friends and relatives scattered around across towns, cities and even seas, and conference calling – particularly completely free conference calling – offers an ideal way to keep in touch.

With WHYPAY? there are absolutely no additional charges incurred by holding a conference call instead of a two-person phone call. This is because the conference call just like a normal two-person call, will be included in your bundled minutes, and if you have none available, it will simply be charged at your standard rate for landlines (01/02 number rates).

To make matters even more straightforward, there is no necessity for any kind of specialist equipment. Your WHYPAY? conference call can be accessed from standard mobile or landline phones, payphones or even services like Skype.

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AdminConference calling – not just for the business environment