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London Calling

If one hackneyed (sorry) punk rock reference wasn’t enough, this week we’re Going Underground. WHYPAY? is making a name for itself in the Old Smoke, helping all you notoriously busy Londoners to save some Mony Mony.

If you happen to be amongst the 1.37 billion people who are estimated to use the London underground, don’t ride the Train in Vain, keep your eyes peeled for our big red posters posing the same question upon which WHYPAY? was founded: why pay for telephone conference calls? When we offer the very same thing without asking you to spend a penny, there really is no sense in forking over your hard-earned money to ours competitors. It’s time to say Bye Bye Bad Man (and woman) and let them know you Won’t Get Fooled Again.

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Gabi JamesLondon Calling

How screen sharing could improve your conference calls

Screen sharing can be an extremely powerful tool for businesses as it provides the option of hosting online meetings with clients or business associates remotely.

This can not only save time for those involved but also significantly reduce travel costs, allowing companies to set up meetings at the push of a button with participants across the globe.


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Carmen JamesHow screen sharing could improve your conference calls

Family is not just for Christmas: How to stay in touch all year round

After the festive period, you might have had a few too many mince pies, and seen more questionable jumpers than you care to recall, but one thing you can never have too much of is family time. For many, who could do with learning a few tricks to take care of themselves as well as everyone else, the holidays become such a stressful period that family time is not quality time, and you’re left feeling like you barely got to have a real conversation with anybody. And even if you did, once or twice a year is not enough! You need to hear about how your uncle got on with that book, how your cousin’s trip across Europe was, whether your young nephew got the role in the school play.

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Gabi JamesFamily is not just for Christmas: How to stay in touch all year round

WHYPAY? – More than £500,000 saved in just one month!

In just one working month, WHYPAY? has collectively saved its users a staggering amount of over £500,000! That is because, unlike almost all conference call providers, WHYPAY? is genuinely, absolutely, emphatically, and unwaveringly free to use. No sneaky sign-up costs, no obscure limits which, when accidentally exceeded, result in devastating charges, no withholding of basic features to coerce you into paying. WHYPAY? is really, really free. Much freer than all those other ‘free’ conference calling services. £500,000 per month freer.

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Elliot GreenWHYPAY? – More than £500,000 saved in just one month!

A brief history of 03 numbers

03 numbers are rooted in a truly positive and benevolent philosophy. They emerged in 2007, introduced by Ofcom, the industry regulator, to enable companies to lower the charges customers faced when trying to get in touch with them. 03 numbers allow private and public businesses and organisations to bear the brunt of the expense. Instead of being charged at a local rate like non-geographic 0845 numbers, or at the national rate like numbers beginning 0870, 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as a standard landline number would be – that is, any 01 or 02 number.

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Gabi JamesA brief history of 03 numbers

What is an SMS shortcode?

A shortcode works like a regular telephone number, but it has one characteristic which makes it really special – its length. Shortcodes, as their name suggest, are shorter than most telephone numbers as they are made up of only 5-6 digits. The value of this is that it’s really easy for your customers, and prospective customers, to remember the number and get in touch with you.

Typically, businesses use shortcodes as a means of allowing customers to opt-in to their SMS marketing or feedback campaigns.

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Gabi JamesWhat is an SMS shortcode?

Are people bored of tech?

A survey conducted by Accenture has yielded some pretty concerning results for the wellbeing of the technology industry. 28,000 consumers in 28 different countries were asked about their intentions and expectations regarding technology in the coming year, and the general impression seems to be one of disappointment, disillusion, and a lack of enthusiasm.

Less than half of all the respondents reported any intention to purchase a smartphone in the next year, dropping from 54% last year to 48% this year. Accenture has been conducting this survey for almost a decade, and this marks the very first time that any drop in the number of people intending to buy a smartphone has been found.

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Gabi JamesAre people bored of tech?

Free social media management: Look after your customers with Hootsuite

Social Media can be one of the best tools for spreading knowledge of your brand. A single post that goes viral could suddenly mean your company name is on the lips of millions of potential customers. However, a poorly managed channel can be a thorn in your virtual side.

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Elliot GreenFree social media management: Look after your customers with Hootsuite

Free project management: Organise your working life with Trello

At WHYPAY? we believe that effective business tools shouldn’t cost the Earth, which is why we set out to make the best free conferencing service out there. This got us thinking: if you can get conference calls for no cost, what other great services can you get for free? That is why we have scoured the web to find the best free services to help your business and to bring them to you weekly.

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Elliot GreenFree project management: Organise your working life with Trello

What does expanding Twitter to 10k characters mean to businesses?

Rumours are quickly spreading that in the next couple of months, Twitter will be increasing its character limit from 140 to almost 100 times that, with 10,000 seeming the likeliest figure – that is what the limit for Direct Messages was raised to, after all. Many of Twitter’s committed users were far from overjoyed by the news, but is their reaction justified? And how different are the consequences for personal accounts, compared with those representing businesses?

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Gabi JamesWhat does expanding Twitter to 10k characters mean to businesses?