Benefits to businesses through the use of conference calls

Conference call services are fundamental telecommunications tools in the realm of business. Whether your company be huge and multi-national or a smaller business, the use of conference calling to contact clients or business partners eliminates hassle and enables you to carry out business procedures without the trouble of having to meet face to face. Below are just a small sample of the benefits conference calls could bring to your business:

1) Cost-Effective

An increasing number of conference call service providers are now offering very competitive monthly rates, and in the case of WHYPAY? genuinely free, permanent and instant telephone conference rooms included within your bundle minutes. Through the use of local phone numbers, the duration of your calls or time of day they are made will be minimised and therefore your business will no longer have to spend excessively on premium rates. Furthermore, conference calls reduce the need for a face-to-face meeting, and therefore corporate travel is reduced significantly through linking business partners and clients alike through a single call service.

2) Simplicity

Conference call services can be set up extremely quickly and very little effort is required in most cases. For example, to create a conference call room on WHYPAY? it is as simple as clicking a SINGLE button on the homepage. This then generates a landline number to call, a room number and a 4 digit pin to enter. Simplicity and ease of use are essential for businesses as it saves valuable time which can be spent helping customers or in the meetings themselves. In a matter of seconds, you can inform colleagues and clients of the number they need to ring, the pin and room number and be informing them of vital developments or promotions.

3) Highly Accessible

As conference calling is now widely accessible from a number of online interfaces, calls can be scheduled from anywhere which has internet access, day or night. This also allows business to reschedule meetings or invite additional people into them last minute without causing stress or hassle for any of the parties involved. If unforeseen circumstances arise, it is extremely straightforward to switch the meeting to next week, next month or even bring it forward. As conference calls eliminate the need for travel, participants will not need to be disrupted by things such as traffic or travel service strikes which regularly pose issues for those travelling to large cities, decreasing productivity.

4) Eco-Friendly & Green

With growing concerns over the increasing pollution levels and alarming rates of global warming, businesses are eager to prove themselves as responsible and play their part in minimising their carbon footprint to help tackle the global issue of climate change. The green benefits from conference calling are clear and undeniable, with the elimination of the need to travel to meet partners or clients, energy is saved and fuel usage reduced. Furthermore, as the meeting is carried out over the phone or through the web, sheets upon sheets of paper are not used printing out meeting schedules and targets for everyone present.

5) Reliability and peace of mind:

As conference calling services are readily accessible from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from mobile phones, this can put businesses at ease that if at any given time the need for an urgent meeting arises, they can arrange one to take place immediately. This can make going on holiday and leaving a business behind for a week or two a much more stress-free experience. In addition, conference calls are extremely secure as they require personal security codes, such as the 4 digit PIN for WHYPAY and a unique room number, ensuring that only those which you have invited can participate or hear what is being said.

AdminBenefits to businesses through the use of conference calls
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