How is it free?

In a word, no. You don't pay us a bean for using our service. You simply pay your phone provider the cost of your call to the 033 3443 3443 access number. The same goes for the other callers on your conference. And what's so great about that? Well, if you have bundled minutes available at the time of the conference, the call will be included in these minutes. If not, it will be charged at landline rates (01/02 number rates). Please note this applies to UK callers.

Please also note that some call providers impose a cap to free bundled minutes when a call reaches a specific duration. So in the same way as calling a national rate 01 or 02 number with your 'free' minutes, you may be charged for calling the WHYPAY? number once your call reaches a certain call duration (typically over 1 hour). Many UK providers allow you to hang up and re-dial once you reach this point in order to avoid being charged.

Under Ofcom rules (external website), calls to 03 numbers must count towards any inclusive minutes offered by any UK fixed or mobile network operator in exactly the same way as 01 and 02 calls. These rules apply to calls from any type of UK line including mobile, BT, other fixed line or payphone. If you have free calls to landlines, then you have free calls to WHYPAY? If you pay for your calls to landlines, then calls to WHYPAY? will be charged at the same rate.

Check your providers terms and conditions regarding your 'bundled' or 'free' minutes, as some 'free' minutes will still incur charges once you reach a given call duration.

Lots of people think WHYPAY? is simply too good to be true, but we can assure you it really isn't. Calls to our 03 conferencing service are charged in exactly the same way as calls to UK landlines. This means if you get free or bundled minutes to UK landlines, you can use those same bundled minutes to make conference calls with WHYPAY? Check with your provider if you're not sure if bundled minutes are included in your contract.

WHYPAY? can provide this service to you, because we receive a small outpayment from BT for each conference call. WHYPAY? was established by Call Collective Ltd. and was created as a way of giving something back to the telecoms industry.

Click here to find out more about Call Collective.

people Conference rooms

Your Room Number and PIN are permanent so there's no need to revisit WHYPAY? unless you need to set up another room. This means that you can dial into this conference as many times as you like.
Yes, you may dial in using the details provided as many times as you like. These are unique to you and with a trillion permutations of Room Number and PIN, they are also very secure. If you need to create additional conference rooms, simply visit the WHYPAY? homepage and click on The Big Green Button.
Each time you generate a conference room, use the add to contacts feature to add the details to your contacts list on your smartphone or computer. The contact details will include a speed dial number so you'll have your conference room at your finger tips. You can manually dial the speed dial number, or you can simply tap the number on most smartphones to dial in instantly.
Your speed dial number will look something like this:


If you create an account, you can also download a unique calendar event for each of your scheduled conference rooms, which will contain all the details you need to make the call. You can even dial straight in from your calendar on most smartphones!

When you schedule a conference and invite participants, your conference room will appear on your account page. You can store up to 50 conference rooms on this page, where you can also edit or delete each room.

settings_phone Setting up a conference call

No, you can dial into an WHYPAY? conference from any touch-tone phone, mobile phone, landline phone, payphone and even using services such as Skype - in the same way that you would make a normal phone call.
Our service allows up to 50 callers to join a conference. If you would like to arrange to have more than 50 callers on a conference at any one time, please let us know prior to the conference and we may be able to manage this limit for you. Please ensure that you include the specific details of the call (time, date, conference room number and PIN).
No, you don't have to schedule your call in advance unless you wish to do so. Once your Room Number and PIN have been created, simply dial 033 3443 3443 and enter the details provided to begin conferencing. Your Room Number and PIN are created instantly and will remain active permanently. If you need to create additional rooms, simply visit the WHYPAY? homepage and click The Big Green Button to set up a new conference. If you want more from WHYPAY? you can create an account and access additional features like scheduling, automatic invites and calendar integration.
Not unless you want to! You can generate a quick conference and send out the dial in details yourself, or if you create a free account, you can use the scheduling feature, by managing the settings of the room, and turning on email notifications and adding the date and time that your conference is due. WHYPAY? will then automatically send out the conference room details, and explain how to dial in. We will even send a reminder email 15 minutes before the conference is due to start!

Simply click on the Create Account button after generating your conference. The invitation email includes a calendar attachment, allowing you and your participants to store the conference details on your calendar. You can even dial straight in to your conference room from the attached calendar event on most smartphones.

No, there is no time limit to a conference call in progress and because the call is charged at geographic rates (or included in your bundle) you will be paying much less for your call than with 08 conference services - so you can chat for much longer!

NB: if you have free calls to landlines, please check with your communications provider if there are time limit constraints (e.g. some providers put a time limit of 1 hour on free calls - if this is the case, we would advise to hang up the call at 59 minutes and dial back in to count as a new call).

security Security

You are allocated a random eight digit Room Number and a four digit PIN, giving a trillion permutations. The chances of an uninvited participant guessing both and joining your call are infinitesimally small.

When accessing the website, it is done through a secure connection which means any data sent to and from the website cannot be intercepted by a third-party. If you choose to record your conference call, this is secured as the conference room organiser chooses who is able to access the recording when setting the room up.

language International access

Yes, you can invite people from outside of the UK to your conference call. We would advise asking your international delegates to try the 033 number first, with the international dialling code (0044 33 3443 3443) however if this does not work, international callers should use our international access number below. Calls to this number will be set by the international caller's local network provider. We cannot confirm the charge for calling this number from a different country. International callers should contact their provider to see how much they will be charged.

If international callers dial our 03 number, the same applies, and they will have to check with their network for the exact charges.

International access number:

+44 84 5578 5578

UK charge: The cost of dialling our 0845 number from a UK network is 7ppm plus your phone company's access charge. Calls made from outside of the UK would be subject to call charges levied by the originating overseas telecommunications provider. Please use our 03 number if dialling from a UK network.

NB: If you're having trouble accessing WHYPAY? using both the 03 and 08 access number, please dial +44 18454 18454. Again, charges for calling this number from outside the UK will depend on the originating network provider.

The 01 number will NOT work if dialled from within the UK and offers no cost saving over calling our 03 number.

International Callers:
Remember, you will need to use the UK access codes recognised by your network provider. For example many networks in the United States require that you use '011' (US exit code), followed by '44' (UK entry code), followed by the number you wish to call.
Check your network provider's website or contact them directly to get the relevant access codes, and don't forget that you need to remove the zero from the beginning of a UK number if dialling in from outside the UK.

stars Features

You can easily record your conference calls at no extra cost. You must create a free WHYPAY? account to turn on and access call recordings. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one here. Call recording can be switched on or off for each individual conference room. Simply toggle the call recording option on or off when you create or edit a room.

Call recordings are available for 7 days from the time each conference call is made. This is due to data storage constraints.

When you turn on call recording you can also specify the email addresses of the individuals you wish to receive recordings. You can edit this list as time goes on. Note that only the individuals who are one your call recordings list when a conference call is made, will have access the the recording of that conference call.

The conference organiser specifies who they wish to receive conference call recordings for their conference room. If you are on the call recordings list when a conference call is made, you will get an email approximately 5 minutes after the call, inviting you to create an account or log in to your existing account and download the recording to your device. Note that call recordings are only available for 7 days after each call, so make sure you download your call recordings in good time!

help Other

If something seems to be broken/not functioning as you use the WHYPAY? website, don't hesitate to give us an email on We've developed WHYPAY? to be as versatile as possible. That means making it compatible with as many browsers and browser versions as we can. WHYPAY? is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and above. If you're using Firefox, Safari or Chrome you shouldn't have any problems as your browser should update automatically. Unfortunately there is only so far we can go to support all browser types, so some older browser versions may not work with WHYPAY? We strongly recommend users keep their browsers up to date at all times to ensure a smooth service on all websites, not just this one!
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