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Conference calling for the environmentally friendly business

We all know how detrimental frequent travel can be for our planet, emitting greenhouse gases and increasing our carbon footprint. In fact, in 2010, transport accounted for a reported 39% of energy consumption in the UK – a massive proportion. Of this, a huge 27% of energy consumption was made up from the emissions of road transportation. The sheer volume of cars at rush hour makes this statistic less surprising for all those of us who commute to work daily and are familiar with the congestion. But what if we could reduce, or completely eliminate, our commute? Conference calling offers one ideal way to do this, and to reduce our negative impact upon the environment.

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AdminConference calling for the environmentally friendly business

Conference calls – the green solution

Every business relies on some form of communication in order to conduct their activities. However, with clients and employees all around the globe, a business needs much more than email and instant messaging. The ultimate solution to the problem is teleconferencing, a great substitute for live communication.

There are not only costs involved in employees travelling from one location to another for a meeting but also the effects of carbon footprints. Less travelling means reduction in carbon footprints making conference calls the perfect green solution. There are companies like WHYPAY? that offer low cost teleconferencing services where you can sign up for conference calling on the spot and receive a dedicated phone number and access code to be used by the attendees.

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AdminConference calls – the green solution

Is your company environmentally aware? Don’t travel if you can have a conference call instead

Conference calls have become the norm these days for businesses which have offices located in different places. Call conferencing allows a number of people to be connected to a single call with the help of a conference bridge. Phone conferencing has come a long way with the help of internet and some other simple equipment that can be attached to regular phone lines.

Teleconferencing is presently recognised as a very cost effective tool to conduct business efficiently. It helps reduce travel costs for businesses having a number of offices at different locations. It also increases the productivity of employees as they do not need to spend time and energy in travelling from one place to another. The icing on the cake is that it is eco friendly too. Once you have a proper set up for telephone conferencing, you can eliminate travel completely, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

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AdminIs your company environmentally aware? Don’t travel if you can have a conference call instead

Conference calling is not just for business users

Businesses have always used conference calls as one of the most cost effective means of communicating with employees, customers and business partners who are spread all over the world. And they do that without even stepping out of the office. This saves a lot of time and money on travel and accommodation, especially if the people you need to communicate with on a regular basis are not based out of your local office.

Call conferencing is used extensively to gather members of a project team to get daily updates, immediate feedback about a businesses decision etc. Through a voice conference, miscommunication is eliminated because all delegates can be present at the meeting. There is no dilution in communication as is expected when someone relays the information or even when it is read from a written summary.

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AdminConference calling is not just for business users

Reduce travel costs with conference calling

The recent economic downturn has prompted many companies, big and small, to have a close look at their expenses. Business travel forms a major chunk of annual expenses for several companies, so that is one of the areas where a lot of cost cutting is involved. But to run a successful business, it is essential to keep communication lines open. Without communicating regularly with business partners and clients, there is little chance that any business will survive in the highly competitive market of today.

So how do smart companies manage to cut down on travel costs, yet communicate with major stake holders and colleagues on a regular basis? The answer is teleconferencing. By availing of the sophisticated conferencing solutions offered by reputed teleconferencing service providers, businesses can have the best of both worlds.

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AdminReduce travel costs with conference calling

Conference calling reduces carbon impact

Teleconferencing is the preferred means of business communication today because it helps save time, money and even the environment. Call conferencing eliminates the need for frequent travel and cuts down the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by automobiles and air crafts.

The long distance business trips taken by professionals all over the world runs to millions of kilometres. This results in serious ecological and environmental consequences. By making use of conferencing services, business can reduce their carbon footprint due to frequent travel to a considerable extent. Several million passenger miles are logged every year to attend conferences, trade shows and meetings.

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AdminConference calling reduces carbon impact

The benefits of conference calls: from saving money to saving the planet

The benefits of conference calls are clear.

It doesn’t matter too much how large your organisation is. Huge corporations and tiny prayer groups alike can save time & money, improve communication efficiency and gain green credentials by making more conference calls.

By holding telephone conference calls on a regular basis, organisations all over the country can see direct positive impacts.


It’s up to you (or your seniors) whether you choose to measure the impacts internally. You could go full nerd-mode and meticulously compare travel times, costs and estimated emissions before and after a conference calling phase. Or you can simply start replacing at least some of your face-to-face meetings with conference calls, knowing that the advantages will having a real effect in the background.

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AdminThe benefits of conference calls: from saving money to saving the planet