Is your company environmentally aware? Don’t travel if you can have a conference call instead

Conference calls have become the norm these days for businesses which have offices located in different places. Call conferencing allows a number of people to be connected to a single call with the help of a conference bridge. Phone conferencing has come a long way with the help of internet and some other simple equipment that can be attached to regular phone lines.

Teleconferencing is presently recognised as a very cost effective tool to conduct business efficiently. It helps reduce travel costs for businesses having a number of offices at different locations. It also increases the productivity of employees as they do not need to spend time and energy in travelling from one place to another. The icing on the cake is that it is eco friendly too. Once you have a proper set up for telephone conferencing, you can eliminate travel completely, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Conducting regular business meetings like shareholders’ meetings, board meetings, internal meetings and even training sessions can involve a lot of travel. With conferencing solutions, there is no need to travel and hence you can do your bit for the environment. It has added benefits like reduced travel bills, which is obvious, enhanced employee productivity, better coordination between different office and swift resolution for more urgent matters.

Global warming is a major concern and the contribution of businesses towards the deterioration of the ecological balance cannot be ignored. The innumerable number of flights taken for urgent meetings can account for a major chunk of air pollution and this can be totally avoided with the help of teleconferencing services provided by a number of reliable telecom companies. A teleconference with the help of high definition video conferencing equipment is as good as an in person conference without the guilt of leaving carbon footprints.

A voice conference also allows for sharing of files with the help of internet. That means it is not mandatory for all persons attending a meeting to be physically present together. Conferencing services nowadays are very advanced and allow advanced features and functionality and so a client presentation or a shareholders’ meeting can be conducted easily when all the persons attending it are at different places and even different time zones.

If you are environmentally aware and your mounting travel bills need to be reduced as, just approach a conference call service provider and you will have a green, cost effective and business efficient solution to your problems.

AdminIs your company environmentally aware? Don’t travel if you can have a conference call instead
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