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Are 6-hour working days a good idea?

For years, Scandinavians have had a reputation for placing at least as much importance on their personal life and well-being as on their professional endeavours and expectations. One consequence of this concern has been the emergence of the 6-hour working day, which first became popular in the 1990s, and is having a resurgence today. But is it really feasible?

Erika Hellstrom, and many like her, the answer is yes. The theory is that working fewer hours means people are actually more productive within the time they do put in, and therefore get just as much done – if not more. It’s not just a case of clocking out of work early; Swedes are expected to completely omit social media, online shopping, personal calls, and other irrelevant activities from their work day. And as these pass-times have been found to eat up a massive 1.5 – 3 hours of the average American worker’s workday, as reported by The Atlantic, the maths adds up. Essentially, you’ll be spending the exact same amount of time working while at work. Just fewer hours squandered procrastinating in the office, and more freed up to spend as you wish.

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AdminAre 6-hour working days a good idea?

5 practical ways to help banish your carbon footprint

Going green has in the past decade become almost like the new ‘must-have’ accessory for businesses; neglect to take action at your peril, as it can cost you vital public esteem and positive branding. But is it something that should really concern you for your business?

In truth, that’s for you to decide. But the increasing urgency of protecting our planet is undeniable, and as we all live here, we should all be carrying our weight. Businesses contribute to mankind’s carbon footprint in innumerable ways, and cutting back wherever you can could end up making a huge difference – particularly as it would encourage your competitors and the companies you work with to follow in your footsteps, and could lead to positive actions being taken in all sorts of areas!

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Admin5 practical ways to help banish your carbon footprint

Carbon offsetting for businesses: a world saviour or a silly idea?

With all the troubles in the world, no business can be solely about making money. We all have to do our little bit to try and make things better, and one area that often – deservedly – receives a lot of attention is trying to tackle environmental issues. This is particularly relevant and beneficial because so many businesses do so often add to rather than help combat climate change.

One way that is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, and individuals too, is carbon offsetting. This is essentially where companies can pay for the carbon emissions they cause to be neutralised, by offsetting them elsewhere. For example, if somebody had to take a flight to a meeting, they would use an offsetting website to calculate how much carbon that flight had added to the atmosphere, and pay for a project designed to reduce future emissions, for example by distributing low-energy lightbulbs to towns in Chile. There are also products available which include carbon offsetting in their price, which means you don’t even have to opt-in to neutralise your impact, it is done from the moment of purchase, or possibly even production.

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AdminCarbon offsetting for businesses: a world saviour or a silly idea?

Why is Edinburgh breeding UK technology start ups?

In recent years, Scotland’s capital has become something of a hot-bed for technology start ups. But why is it such a good place for new entrepreneurs to flock to when starting up their businesses?


To begin with, Edinburgh has multiple physical qualities which make it particularly well-suited to fostering new businesses. It is a convenient point for commuting and travelling to meetings, equipped with trains, buses, trams, and an airport and located only an hour away from the next largest city, Glasgow.

Edinburgh contains some of the very best science parks and research centres in the whole country, meaning new technological developments, discoveries, and innovations can always be supported. In addition to these, there are large amounts of start-up premises available to allow people to get a team together and get to work.

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AdminWhy is Edinburgh breeding UK technology start ups?

5 tips for working away from the office

The way we work is rapidly changing, as technology allows us to stay constantly connected. Thanks to this, you can now decide how, where and when you work, to suit your own lifestyle, and more people than ever are adopting this new approach. If you have the opportunity to work away from the usual office environment, there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure you are as productive as possible.

1. Think about which environment is right for you

You have just gained the freedom to escape your office with its set rules and hours. So don’t carry on penning yourself in by making assumptions about what your new work environment should be like. For example, working from home doesn’t have to mean working from home. Experiment what kind of environment works for you and makes you as productive as possible – everybody is different. Try out coffeehouses, your garden, a study, the park, a library… there are so many possibilities, and you never know what could be the best for you. With more and more people choosing telecommuting as their mode of work, you can easily surround yourself with other people in the same position as you, so that you are still in a productive and work-driven atmosphere.

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Admin5 tips for working away from the office

Is remote working right for your workplace?

A revolution in the way we work is underway. Remote working is constantly becoming more and more feasible and convenient as technology develops, allowing us to keep in touch and get things done more efficiently, regardless of location. Highly useful tools like conference calling are making remote working easier than ever.

Could your business be next? Well, there are lots of things to take into consideration before you decide to implement remote working permanently, and lots of different ways that you could integrate it into your workplace. Not only does it come with a whole host of professional benefits, it could be a huge step in making your business environmentally friendly.

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AdminIs remote working right for your workplace?

Conference calling: one more way to reduce your carbon footprint

Running a business brings with it a great deal of responsibility. You have to be able to make decisions which could impact you tremendously, as well as all of your colleagues, employees, partners, and families. But your responsibility is also much broader than this: a responsibility to your society – to conduct your business ethically and honestly – and to your planet.

It’s increasingly important that we all work together to reduce our collective carbon footprint upon the Earth, and taking little steps can make a huge difference. One option that you have within your professional life is incorporating conference calling more firmly into your every day routine.

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AdminConference calling: one more way to reduce your carbon footprint

Free conference calls included in your bundled minutes

Conference calling is happening in all areas of life, and is not just reserved for the business world. Think about it; whatever it is you do, you can probably benefit from using a conference call every now and then to improve communication around your job, passion or hobby. But this shouldn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money to keep in the loop. In fact, conference calls can be placed at absolutely no charge – as long as you know which conference call bridge to use.

Some companies claim to offer free teleconferencing, and then slip hidden costs in anywhere possible. Users of these so called “free” conferencing services can find themselves confused after receiving a large phone bill, all because they were using a premium rate number to dial in (see our article on how to avoid these tricks). If you see that the dial-in to a conference call uses premium rate numbers, you can expect to incur costs, and possibly very high ones.

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AdminFree conference calls included in your bundled minutes

Why tutors, teachers and instructors should be conference calling

Everyone has heard about conference calls and their daily function in offices, linking up colleagues all over the world. If you think this is all conference calls are good for, however, you are sorely mistaken. Maybe you’re a private tutor or a sports trainer, and you think the teleconference has very little to do with you – think again. Conference calling offers a huge amount of benefits and opportunities for people in these fields. If you haven’t tried it out yet, why not start now? With WHYPAY? it’s completely free, and can be set up at the simple push of a button.

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AdminWhy tutors, teachers and instructors should be conference calling

Conference calling for the travelling professional

In our modern, globalised world, we are blessed with the chance to travel all over the planet, taking in all the different cultures, climates and landscapes it has to offer. For some lucky individuals, this opportunity is even offered within their job. If you have the good fortune to fit into this category, you should seriously consider making use of conference calling services available to you. They can be the key to solving the difficulties that being a travelling professional can entail.

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AdminConference calling for the travelling professional