How Can Conference Calls Be Free?


£162,000 back in your pockets!

Following regulatory changes in 2007 which introduced a new number range (03), the Nexbridge team (at the time, Zimo Communications) set about creating a brand new, free voice conference service named WHYPAY? the aim of which was to bring genuine benefits to people dialling into conference rooms from mobile phones. How have we got on and more importantly what are those benefits?

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Gabi£162,000 back in your pockets!

How to use your mobile for conference calling without paying the price

Are conference calls free? That’s the question on many people’s lips.

Long story short, yes. Conference calls can be made from mobile phones at no extra cost. Participants are required to dial into a conference bridge from their mobile phone in order to gain access to a conference call. Many mobile service providers offer free minutes to their customers as part of their service plan. By choosing conference calls that are accessed using these free minutes, you’ll avoid extra costs for conference calls.

Need a quick solution? Generate FREE conference details now – calls are included in UK mobile and landline minutes, saving you a fortune in call charges.

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GabiHow to use your mobile for conference calling without paying the price

Is there genuinely a free conference call provider?

Conference calls are an essential element in the operations of any business. With a constant need for communication as businesses continue to expand into a global market, many of them have realised the cost effectiveness of teleconferencing. Conference calls help people connect no matter where they are located around the globe. Many providers offer affordable and easy to useteleconferencing services and solutions. While there are several inexpensive options, there are also opportunities to conduct free conference calls.

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GabiIs there genuinely a free conference call provider?

UK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

As businesses turn to teleconferencing in a bid to solve their communication issues, most of them look to cut costs. In a competitive market, there are many providers like WHYPAY? that offer a host of teleconferencing services at affordable rates. These cost effective solutions allow users to create a free conference room with no hidden costs.

Conference calls using 08 numbers turn out to be more expensive since there are no free bundled minutes offered by mobile operators for calls to those numbers. On the other hand, teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? offer free conference calls since calls to 03 numbers from mobiles or fixed phones are included in the free bundled minutes offered by mobile and landline operators, making calls to these numbers virtually free. Where free minutes are not available, all calls are charged at the same rate as calls to landline numbers across the UK, which are 01 and 02 numbers.

WHYPAY? allows you to set up a free teleconference room with the best voice quality possible. You are provided with an access code for managing the conference while a separate access code is provided for participants.

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GabiUK conference call providers – hosted conferences, 08 services and WHYPAY? compared

Can I conference call on my mobile?

Thanks to technology, conference calling isn’t restricted to landlines alone. You can dial into a conference from your mobile and potentially save a considerable amount of money. Besides, you needn’t be confined to a conference room or your desk when you have the privilege of using your mobile phone. With calls becoming cheaper, teleconferencing through mobile phones has become the buzz word these days.

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GabiCan I conference call on my mobile?

How conference calling became free to use

Conference calls are one of the most cost-effective ways to host meetings or present information with international clients, without having to face the tedium of travelling or the exorbitant cost of having to put up in a hotel. With the booming of the teleconference services over the past decade or so, the service providers have tried to incorporate more features and coverage-plans, which prove beneficial to the consumer.Teleconferencing services routinely upgrade their plan so that the latest technology in the market can be had at economical prices. One of best coverage plans in recent time in the free conferencing calling service. But what is a free conference call and how does it work.

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GabiHow conference calling became free to use

How much is a call to WHYPAY? How much can I save on an average conference call?

If your business depends heavily on telephone conferencing and your conference bills are causing you worry, you need to switch over to WHYPAY? With WHYPAY?, have as many conference calls as you wish and say goodbye to huge phone bills. A voice conference with WHYPAY? will cost you much less than most other conference call service providers. It is a very cost-effective phone conferencing service which actually allows users to create a permanent conference room that is free and has no hidden costs.

Other conferencing services which promise free teleconferencing actually operate on special premium rate numbers. There are no free bundled minutes when you call an 08 and therefore the charges are quite high. Compared to this, calls to WHYPAY? come within your free bundle minutes allowance available from your fixed or mobile phone.

Call conferencing with WHYPAY? comes within the free bundled minutes available in your service / call plan at the time of dialling into the teleconference.

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GabiHow much is a call to WHYPAY? How much can I save on an average conference call?

What does Ofcom insist upon in relation to 03 numbers?

A conference call allows three or more people to talk to each other at the same time, over a single telephone call. A substantial number of participants can be included in the teleconference with the help of a conference bridge, a server that connects multiple phone lines simultaneously. There are many conference call service providers who provide a range of conferencing solutions to suit every organisation.

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GabiWhat does Ofcom insist upon in relation to 03 numbers?

Are free conference calling services really free?

Communication is something that you cannot ignore if you are really serious about the success of your business. Businessmen and professionals have always travelled to discuss proposals, make sales presentations and share financial results, face to face. But with conference calls, you can communicate with any number of people even if they are not physically present with you in the same room. Business travel is not only time consuming, but also very expensive. You must also factor in the cost of accommodation. There are many free conference call solutions available that smart companies make use of to reduce costs and still maintain the smooth running of the business.

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GabiAre free conference calling services really free?

Conference calling on 03 numbers from mobiles is free

Call conferencing is one of the most popular options for business communication these days. Affordable and effective conference call services are offered by many teleconferencing services providers but the cost of access can vary dramatically. With the advancement in technology, teleconferencing is now accessible even to small businesses because it does not require extensive equipment to be installed.

All that you need is a telephone line to start telephone conferencing with any number of people anywhere in the world. Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can also choose from the wide range of conferencing solutions offered by service providers.

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GabiConference calling on 03 numbers from mobiles is free