Conference calling on 03 numbers from mobiles is free

Call conferencing is one of the most popular options for business communication these days. Affordable and effective conference call services are offered by many teleconferencing services providers but the cost of access can vary dramatically. With the advancement in technology, teleconferencing is now accessible even to small businesses because it does not require extensive equipment to be installed.

All that you need is a telephone line to start telephone conferencing with any number of people anywhere in the world. Depending on the specific needs of your business, you can also choose from the wide range of conferencing solutions offered by service providers.

Conferencing services have become a part of day to day life. Most professionals engage in phone conferencing at least three or four times a week. For some businesses, especially in the services sector, it is not rare to find people dialling into a teleconference everyday. The only limitation when it comes to joining a voice conference from the office is that you need to huddle around a big conference call waiting for the appropriate time to start the call. But with the facility to participate in a conference call from the mobile phone, even this limitation is no longer applicable.

Use your mobile phone to dial into the conference bridge just as you would from a normal land line. More than 50% of all the calls in the UK originate from mobile phones and the numbers are steadily increasing. If the rate of increase is consistent, mobile phone calls will overtake calls originating from land lines in a just a few years.

The advantage of participating in a conference call from the mobile phone is that most mobile phone service providers offer free minutes to subscribers as part of their monthly service plan. Calls made to certain numbers (including 03 numbers and our own conference access number) are included in those minutes. Calls to 08 numbers (including freephone 0800!) are often charged at a much higher rate by the mobile operators. This means that conference calls using WHYPAY? are free if you are joining a conference call within your inclusive minutes.

The primary advantage of being able to dial into a conference call right from your mobile phone is that you need wait restlessly by the office desk phone for the right time to dial into the conference call. You can go about your normal routine and even travel if you so desire. If you are on the road, set a reminder on your mobile phone perhaps about half an hour before the call, find a relatively quiet spot and then dial into the conference. Such advancements in technology make life much easier than ever before.

AdminConference calling on 03 numbers from mobiles is free
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