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NHS conference callers have saved £1.7m with WHYPAY?

It seems like every other week we’re reading another news story about how much funding the NHS is or isn’t receiving, how it’s spending the money it has, how it plans to spend the money it might be given… And of course, the more funding the NHS has to put towards treating patients and improving facilities, the better. That’s why we’re thrilled to be helping to reduce spending on NHS conference calls, so that there’s more to go around for the big stuff.

Obviously we know that good communication is vital to pretty much any venture or organisation, as people are becoming increasingly aware that teamwork and collaboration are key to success. Keeping everybody on track, informed and motivated is as necessary for the NHS as for any organisation, so we definitely don’t want its staff having to cut back on  conference calling. Equally, they shouldn’t have to revert to outdated, inefficient and slow methods of communication – something that has seemingly been acknowledged in the NHS’s final farewell to the fax machine. And we’ve already seen how helpful telecommunications can be in the medical world, and especially in making healthcare more accessible, so it’s far from surprising that the NHS would make great use of this wonderful communication tool.

But the problem is, teleconferencing can be costly. It’s important that everybody do their research before committing to any provider, taking into account your specific needs and budget. Of course, one particular requirement that NHS users would have is security. When you’re dealing with information as sensitive as people’s health, you want to have absolute confidence in the privacy of your calls.


Confidence in NHS conference calls’ security

With WHYPAY?, NHS staff can get free conference calls without compromising on security. We take the security of all our calls extremely seriously, and there are lots of measures in place to that end.

Only the organiser is able to see the conference call room and its entry PIN – it’s up to them who they share it with, guaranteeing that they are in total control of who can enter the virtual meeting room. Invites can be issued using the invitation system built into the WHYPAY? portal, or organisers can choose to share it via their own internal communications platform. In order for anybody to enter the call, they will have to know the 8-digit room code and the secure 4-digit PIN. That means that there are over a trillion possible permutations. By switching on the announcement feature, you can have the extra confirmation of exactly who has joined the call when.

Connections to our WHYPAY? portal are secured using modern cryptographic standards, such as TLS1.2 and modern cipher suites. All conference rooms also give you the ability to record the in-progress conference call if you so choose, providing you with a record of everything that has been said that you can then look back on whenever it’s necessary. Conference recordings are stored on segregated, secure file storage servers, housed in heavily access-controlled data-centres. Only specific employees are permitted access to our physical infrastructure.

Only the conference room organiser and specifically selected delegates can access these recordings, and all are required to have a WHYPAY? account. Anonymous access and direct links to conference call recordings is not supported in any way. All downloads must be done via the WHYPAY? Portal.

Call recordings are also automatically scheduled for deletion 7 days after the conclusion of a call. Users must download their calls during this time as once this period has elapsed, the recordings are deleted, and the sectors on disk overwritten to ensure complete erasure.


How many NHS conference calls is WHYPAY? hosting?

Given the high security of our calls, it’s no wonder that so many members of staff from the NHS have turned to WHYPAY? for their conference calling needs. In fact, 6.2% of our registered users are from the NHS. Over the past year, more than 35,000 calls placed to WHYPAY? were made to NHS owned conference rooms. That’s a lot of free teleconferencing!


How much money is the NHS saving on conference calls?

Since we started recording monthly cost savings for our users (at the beginning of 2015), we’ve saved callers almost £28m in unnecessary call charges to telephone conference services. On the assumption that the overall proportion of NHS / total users of the WHYPAY? service has remained constant at around 6%, we would estimate total savings NHS over the last four years of around £1.7m.


How can WHYPAY? save the NHS money?

And how exactly is WHYPAY? able to generate such impressive savings? Well, it’s because we don’t charge our users a penny for the service we provide. A lot of conference call providers claim to offer free conference calling, but when you look closely you start to find hidden costs popping up. Not so with WHPAY?. Because our conference calls are accessed via 03 numbers, callers only have to pay the costs of placing these calls. For most people, this means no cost at all as calls to 03 numbers are included in your bundled minutes. If you don’t have bundled minutes available, you’ll still only pay the standard rate for calls to a normal landline number.

Because of this, we’ve been able to help save the NHS a huge amount on its telecommunications bills. We’re really proud and pleased to think of how much extra good all that money can do to help care for people’s health. We think conference calling is truly important and valuable, but it should not be eating into a budget which could be put to such crucial, life-changing use. If you’re working with the NHS, why not join 14,000 colleagues who are already WHYPAY? users and help save the NHS even more money!

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Gabi JamesNHS conference callers have saved £1.7m with WHYPAY?

Why you should have a free WHYPAY? account

You might have noticed that our quick conference facility has changed and we now request that you create a free WHYPAY? account if you want to add new conference rooms. We are running a two week trial to understand the impact of asking users to create accounts on the use of advanced features such as call recording, call scheduling and participant announcements – all of which are completely FREE!

We can assure you the sign-up process is pain-free and extremely quick and easy. Simply click the link in the email we send with your conference room details, set your password and voila! You are the proud owner of a free WHYPAY? teleconferencing account.

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Carmen JamesWhy you should have a free WHYPAY? account

How to hold an international conference call

It’s a small world, so they say, and it’s getting smaller. As technology develops and spreads, we’re able to connect with more people, more instantaneously and more directly than ever before. This opens up a vast array of opportunities, something which can clearly be seen in the business arena. Thanks to telecommunications, you can have partners, investors, employees and clients all over the country, and even the world, meaning you get to make the most lucrative possible deals and work with the best and brightest in the field. But, of course, you need to make sure that you maintain open and straightforward lines of communication with your whole team and all of your customers or clients. That’s why a simple conference call is such a powerful tool.

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Gabi JamesHow to hold an international conference call

London Calling

If one hackneyed (sorry) punk rock reference wasn’t enough, this week we’re Going Underground. WHYPAY? is making a name for itself in the Old Smoke, helping all you notoriously busy Londoners to save some Mony Mony.

If you happen to be amongst the 1.37 billion people who are estimated to use the London underground, don’t ride the Train in Vain, keep your eyes peeled for our big red posters posing the same question upon which WHYPAY? was founded: why pay for telephone conference calls? When we offer the very same thing without asking you to spend a penny, there really is no sense in forking over your hard-earned money to ours competitors. It’s time to say Bye Bye Bad Man (and woman) and let them know you Won’t Get Fooled Again.

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Gabi JamesLondon Calling

Buzzing about WHYPAY? – BIBBA: A case study

BIBBA is the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association first founded over half a century ago in 1964, under the title of the Village Bee Breeders’ Association. Few remain among us who are unaware of bees’ importance to the environment, and more specifically, have not heard of the planets’ imperative need to protect its bees. It’s therefore pretty clear that BIBBA’s work is crucial, and anything that can help its members to work and communicate cohesively is really valuable not just for BIBBA, not just for bees, but for the well-being of the world – if we do say so ourselves. After looking at how NAMDET put WHYPAY? to such great use, we talked to Nick Mawby of BIBBA to hear how teleconferencing helped them.

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Gabi JamesBuzzing about WHYPAY? – BIBBA: A case study

How to be a good employer to remote staff

We’ve all heard the mythical stories about companies which have gone beyond strewing around a few bean bags to becoming ginormous, open-plan professional spaces with free food around the clock, puppy pens, gyms and beds for employees to nap in whenever they get sleepy. But of course, these things are not right, or even possible, for a lot of work places. So what is it that can make you a great employer in a slightly more conventional work place?

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Gabi JamesHow to be a good employer to remote staff

Is working from home the future?

The rate of technological development in the previous few years feels head-spinningly unprecedented, and is expected to continue in leaps and bounds. While for a lot of us, the advent of driverless cars (here appropriately showcased using another significant area of development: Virtual Reality, with a 360 degree video) take us back to giddy childhood dreams, there are some much more immediate and practical benefits remoulding the way we live – and specifically, the way we work.

Is there any need to change?

You’ve probably been hearing for a while that in many industries, the way we work is changing. There are lots of different reasons for this, not least of all a growing concern with how over-work is impacting upon our physical and mental health and the importance of being able to balance our professional and personal lives. This seems to be a particularly tricky area for us dedicated Brits, who have been found to be putting in more hours at the office than any of our European counterparts.

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Gabi JamesIs working from home the future?

Running an Open Day? Call.Group conferencing could increase your reach exponentially

Open days or open houses can be an extremely effective way of casting some light onto your institution, business, school, university, gallery, or even a literal house you might be trying to sell. But the very premise of an open day – opening your doors to the public – immediately casts a rather narrow perimeter around your possible target audience. It seems to limit the people who could step through your open door to those in the close vicinity, or able to travel to you.

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Gabi JamesRunning an Open Day? Call.Group conferencing could increase your reach exponentially

When is it time to end a conference call?

We have all experienced meetings which drag on far too long. In fact, so much so that 73% of professionals have time to do other work in meetings according to Atlassian, a productivity software company.

So how is it possible to know when it’s time to call it a day and hang up a conference call? Below are just a few of the classic signs that your call has gone on far too long.

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Carmen JamesWhen is it time to end a conference call?

How teleconferencing helped spread Christmas cheer

The festive period has drawn to a close, meaning many of us are returning to work, healthy-eating, money-saving and generally re-introducing the moderations and self-control which allows us to function as adults.

For a lot of people, the break was a very welcome one and brought with it much-needed respite from meetings, deadlines and the sometimes dreaded conference call. With all the mistakes which people continue to frequently make when teleconferencing, it’s not a wonder that some of us can hardly help but roll our eyes when we hear of one being scheduled.

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Gabi JamesHow teleconferencing helped spread Christmas cheer