Some scenarios for using audio conferencing

Audio call conferencing is one of the most popular ways for businesses to bring down travel and accommodation expenses. There is no requirement for specialised knowledge or expensive equipment to participate in a voice conference. More and more businesses are choosing conferencing services to communicate with employees, business partners and clients, instead of organising elaborate meetings in person.

An audio conference call or a teleconference is simply a conversation between more than two people at the same time over a normal telephone line. Although simple in nature, the conference call is convenient and discrete, and often the best option even in comparison to more sophisticated technology.

There are many teleconferencing service providers who offer cost effective and affordable conferencing services. You should choose a conferencing solution depending on the needs of your business. Of the many providers that can be found with a quick Google search, some can offer genuinely free calls, with no subscription charges.

Telephone conferencing requires the participants to dial into the conference bridge using the number provided by the conference call service provider. A simple form of phone conferencing is three way calling. Here three people converse at the same time. This type of teleconferencing is often sufficient for small firms, but there are also more sophisticated conferencing solutions available for businesses with more complex needs.

Audio conferencing can be used in several scenarios.


If you need to make a business presentation for senior management, audio conferencing may be one of the best ways to do it. More often than not, it is very difficult to get all key decision makers in the same room. Through a simple audio conference, the managers can participate in the call no matter where they are. If it is an important presentation, there is no need for time delay because people are not available; the decision can be made quickly after the presentation has been made on the conference call.


Online training is also an important way of cutting costs. Especially in knowledge intensive industries, there might be a requirement for a lot of cross training. Imagine somebody flying to another country and staying there for weeks or months to train employees at that office. If it is a very frequent requirement, training costs will feature as a significant expense. Through audio conferencing this expense can be cut down to a large extent. A phone meeting can even be used for training outside of business. Tutors and instructors for example, will often make use of a conferencing service.


Audio conferencing is also a great option for remote tech support. There might be certain issues that customers themselves can fix through proper guidance. The engineer can assist them over the phone and thus eliminate the need to ship the product back for a minor repair.

Audio conferencing can also be used for making sales presentations, annual and quarterly result sharing, daily, weekly or monthly team updates, project meetings, quality checks etc.

AdminSome scenarios for using audio conferencing
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