Audio conferencing offers real business benefits

Audio call conferencing is a great way to communicate with a number of people at the same time. A conference call offers some great business benefits and that is the reason why businesses embrace it as one of the most prominent means of communicating with employees, business partners and customers no matter where they are located.

Conferencing services provide a great alternative to frequent business travel. Business travel and accommodation is one of the biggest yearly expenses of an organisation. Not to mention the time that is lost in travel. By choosing the right conferencing solution suited for your business, you can significantly reduce your travel and accommodation expenses.

There are many teleconferencing service providers who offer conference call services at an affordable rate. Earlier, only big organisations could afford the expensive telecommunications equipment that were necessary for telephone conferencing. Now, all that phone conferencing requires is an ordinary telephone line. A server (or multiple servers) acts as a conference bridge hosted by the teleconference service provider and the participants dial into the bridge using a telephone number and a pass code. In fact some a very small number of conference call providers (including WHYPAY?) offer totally free conference calls.

A voice conference is much cheaper than other means of conferencing such as video or web-based conferencing. It is easily accessible to almost all people because all it needs is an ordinary telephone line. You can also audio conference from a mobile phone. Using telephone lines and mobile phones make it simple for even laymen to operate. Audio conferencing technology is very reliable and it has the potential to connect any number of people.

Of course audio conferencing does not support visual images. But if you are a business that does not need to see the other people participating in a conference at all times, it is wise to consider audio conferencing rather than opt for a paid video counterpart. There are some industries that require the facility of video conferencing along with file transfer capabilities, especially the software and other knowledge intensive industries. If that is the case, web or video conferencing may be better, but if your conferencing requirements are limited to just touching base with a group of people regularly or holding discussions over the phone, audio conferencing may be the ideal option for you.

AdminAudio conferencing offers real business benefits
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