Free conference calling from mobiles on WHYPAY?

Teleconferencing is a popular means of communication for many business organisations these days. There are many teleconferencing service providers that offer highly sophisticated but not necessarily affordable conference call services. Conferencing solutions are not restricted to just speaking to more than one person at a time over the telephone line. There are also video and web conferencing services that you can take advantage of if the need arises. However, telephone conferencing remains one of the most popular call conferencing options today.

For many professionals, phone conferencing is a way of life. Several times a week they engage in productive voice conferences with colleagues, clients and business partners from around the world. Teleconferencing simply brings benefits to businesses, as well as in other areas of life. But if you are wondering whether you can teleconference while you are on the move, the answer is yes. You can now use your mobile phone at no extra cost to participate in a conference call.

Conferencing on the move

The participants dial into the conference bridge as usual, just as they would from a fixed land line. For mobile teleconferencing, the difference is that the participant uses a mobile phone instead of a land-line. At last count, more than 40% of calls in the UK were being made from mobile phones. This trend is also showing a steady increase. It is predicted that in a couple of years, the number of mobile phone calls will be more than those made from land line numbers.

Most mobile phone service providers also offer free minutes every month as part of the service plan. Calls made to many (but not all) numbers are included in those minutes. Calls to 03 numbers (including WHYPAY?) are included in bundled minutes, which means by using WHYPAY?, you are essentially paying nothing for the conference call.

Mobile phones frequently offer a facility for 3-way calling (often used by teenagers quite for multi-party chats to friends). Whilst useful, this can be restrictive for businesses since the conference organiser must invite all the other delegates and must stay on the line or the call will be dropped. What’s more, one person is paying for all the calls for the delegates, which is not realistic for most conference call needs.

Giving you real freedom

The main advantage of being able to dial into a conference call from your mobile phone is that you need not be tied to a desk or the conference room, waiting for the right time to dial the phone and join the call. You can go about your normal routine, travel if you need to, received a reminder ten minutes before the teleconference schedule and then dial directly from your mobile. Technology makes your life easier than ever before.

AdminFree conference calling from mobiles on WHYPAY?
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