WHYPAY? – More than £500,000 saved in just one month!

In just one working month, WHYPAY? has collectively saved its users a staggering amount of over £500,000! That is because, unlike almost all conference call providers, WHYPAY? is genuinely, absolutely, emphatically, and unwaveringly free to use. No sneaky sign-up costs, no obscure limits which, when accidentally exceeded, result in devastating charges, no withholding of basic features to coerce you into paying. WHYPAY? is really, really free. Much freer than all those other ‘free’ conference calling services. £500,000 per month freer.

Of course, that £500,000 figure could swell massively as more and more people switch to WHYPAY? for their conference-calling needs, as an increasing amount of companies, charities, societies, and individuals save money – even musicians and tutors can make great use of conference calling, as our other articles have explored!

Still, £500,000 is in no way an insignificant figure. In fact, let’s consider just what £500,000 per month actually translates to in practical terms (remembering that with 10% month on month growth, this represents an annual saving of £10m).

With an average UK salary of £26,500, that means WHYPAY?’s savings could be used to generate over 377 UK jobs. Over 377 people finding employment, over 377 families granted financial stability, over 377 cases of state-dependency resolved.

Specifically, you could employ around 336 more teachers, helping to strengthen one of the most basic pillars of our society, and one of the most strained – the education system.

Or you could employ around 182 specialised doctors, such as surgeons.

You could also feed an average of 29,940 UK families.

And staggeringly, taking figures from research by PeoplePerHour, you could start a whopping 32,051 UK businesses. That’s over 32,000 dreams, 32,000 new customers, 32,000 sources of inspiration and encouragement to other entrepreneurs, 32,000 livelihoods – which will only multiply as each business grows. Of course, not all startups are successful, but there can be no question that these kinds of savings on a big scale can only benefit the economy.

£500,000 extra per month in the economy is a huge amount with incredible potential for creating jobs and businesses to keep fuelling growth. And this number can keep rising as more people realise the unquestionable benefits of switching to WHYPAY?.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the homepage (whypay.net), hit the Big Green Button and your very own free conference call number will be generated. No giving out details, no shelling out for registration fees. You’ll be given a random 8-digit Room Number and 4-digit PIN required to access your conference call room, giving a trillion permutations to ensure you don’t get any uninvited visitors listening in, and you can record your calls to listen over absolutely free of charge (of course, these recordings are made available only to you, and unless you download them, are deleted after a week). Your conference call room is yours to use as frequently and for as long as you like, and you can invite up to 100 guests to join you. Really, there’s no downside to choosing WHYPAY? as your conference call provider, only a lot of potential.

AdminWHYPAY? – More than £500,000 saved in just one month!
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