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A voice conference is nothing but a telephone conferencing service that allows you to participate in a meeting with members in different locations even without having to book the conference call in advance. Through voice conference, you can hold conference calls whenever you wish. The service is available at a moments notice, and you can be call conferencing any time, wherever you are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A voice conference allows you to discuss and share information just as you would in a face to face meeting with all the participants in the room.

A voice conference is the same as a teleconference. The call can be made from any phone, any time from anywhere in the world. To participate in phone conferencing, the participants dial the number and punch in the pass code provided by the call conference service provider. The service provider uses a conference bridge to connect the caller to all the other participants of the conference call.

A voice conference allows your business to be more efficient and productive with lesser costs associated with travelling and hosting meetings. Thanks to voice conference, you no longer need to spend money or waste time travelling to meetings. By meeting on the phone and making quicker decisions, the voice conference helps you manage business projects quite efficiently.

Voice conferencecalls bring the right people together at the right time promoting critical decision making. Since the voice conference services have international access, you do not need to think twice about communicating with colleagues and customers across the globe.

There are many conference solutions to choose from to meet your business requirements. The voice conference service providers even offer features such as call recording and the ability to play back previously recorded conferences at a later time. They also allow you to organise and invite participants for future voice conference calls.

The services are private, secure and feature rich. Many conference service providers such as WHYPAY? provide simple, affordable and easy to set up teleconferencing services. The vendors offer different monthly plans. Before you decide on a suitable plan for your business, make sure that you compare the features and benefits across different vendors. If the number of conference calls that you make are limited, you may need only a pay-as-you-go service. On the other hand if you make numerous calls a month, you may be better off with a flat rate monthly plan.

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