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Phone conferencing is fast becoming the preferred way of conducting business especially with more and more people choosing to work from homes or running their own home businesses. People do not want to waste their time commuting, but at the same time, communication needs have increased and demand more sophisticated solutions such as phone conferencing.

Phone conferencing is an easy way of distant communication. Conferencing solutions have increased in popularity and teleconferencing is the preferred choice for most businesses. There are many conference service providers who offer affordable and effective phone conferencing options. There was a time when small business owners never even considered call conferencing as a viable option. But now they can also make a conference call by dialling into a conference bridge provided by a vendor.

What is phone conferencing?

Phone conferencing is the means by which two or more people can exchange information simultaneously over a normal telephone line. It allows many people who are separated by thousand miles to connect with each other and talk as if they are in a meeting in the same room. Phone conferencing solutions may be used to participate in a work conference call from home or to host your own teleconference call where participants from different geographical locations dial in to join.

How does phone conferencing work?

Phone conferencing can be conducted by procuring the services of a qualified service provider. Or you may also purchase your own equipment. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, most businesses can get by with the services of a vendor. Either way, you will be able to participate in a meeting with many people all over the world through the phone conferencing of your choice.

Telephone conferencing service providers offer many different options. The most common one is a pay per use conference calling option that most businesses find ideal. With such a plan, you are able to get the lowest rates and you pay only for the minutes that you use. Companies that do not need extensive phone conferencing requirements may find this option ideal. There is also a slight variation on this plan where users buy a certain number of minutes per month in a package and pay extra if the minutes are exceeded.

Those businesses that are heavy users of phone conferencing may wish to opt for flat rate conference call plans where the monthly bill is a flat rate irrespective of the minutes used. If you have many conference calls to make in a month or many callers, a flat rate plan may be the best option.

Phone conferencing

The increase in the number of people opting to work from home and the demand for sophisticated solutions has made phone conferencing more popular in the UK. A number of service providers offer effective and affordable phone conferencing options through a conference bridge. An increasing number of small businesses have realised the potential of phone conferencing as a viable option for their distant communication needs.

Affordable phone conferencing solutions

Phone conferencing enables people to communicate with each other simultaneously irrespective of their geographic location, just as though they were in a meeting in the same room. While users may choose to install their own equipment, service providers in the UK like WHYPAY? offer a host of phone conferencing solutions that do not require the installation of any expensive equipment. One of the common options with low rates is pay per use. Users only pay for the duration of the call, which is an ideal solution for businesses that do not make calls very frequently. Some providers also offer monthly packages for a specific number of minutes with the option of paying for any extra minutes used.

Feature-rich phone conferencing plans

Businesses that make many conference calls may choose flat rate conference plans. Users are billed on a monthly basis at a flat rate irrespective of minutes used. Service providers like WHYPAY? offer 24/7 phone conferencing solutions for up to 100 conference rooms. Access to each call is secure and most plans are loaded with great features,which include unlimited call duration, conference notification, low cost international access numbers, customer support and more, depending on the type of plan. Some plans also include conference recording and storage options and call statistics as well. Phone conferencing has revolutionised the way teleconferences are hosted and undoubtedly a great opportunity for businesses to connect with many people in a cost effective manner.

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