Plan your next big event using conference calling

Conference calls are those calls where three or more people from any geographical location simultaneously communicate with each other over an ordinary telephone line. Call conferencing has become a very popular communication option in the last few years. Almost all mobile service providers offer the facility for 3 way phone conferencing as an inbuilt feature. Internet has also made it easier for the end user to avail of many different kinds of conferencing services. Plan your next big event using a voice conference; it has many benefits as we will see below.

Through the conferencing solutions provided by many conference call service providers, many organisations conduct important meetings over the telephone. If the CEO of a company wants to pass on important information about the business to business managers, everyone can be assembled together at a moment’s notice. This saves a lot of time and all the messages and important decisions can be taken instantly.

Conferencing services are not restricted to just voice conferencing. Via video conferencing, participants can see as well as hear each other. Web conferencing also allows people to transfer files over the internet in real time. Depending on the specific requirements of the conference, you can opt for web, video or telephone conferencing.

Teleconferencing is great for business meetings, sharing annual or quarterly results, project updates and for training sessions. Participants dial into the conference bridge and key in the pass code to be routed to the teleconference. Training sessions through call conferencing are especially useful in knowledge-intensive industries where frequent training is an important business requirement.

If you are considering hosting your next big event as a conference call, make sure that you make the most of this amazing new method of communication. Keep the following points in mind.

  • Decide on the agenda of the call and participants well in advance.
  • Circulate the agenda a few days before the call so that participants will have time to prepare.
  • Send all relevant details about the call in the invite. Include the number to be dialled, pass code, alternate number, documents required etc. resend the mail a day before the call.
  • If you are the host, dial into the call a few minutes before start time and greet participants as they join.
    Join the call from a quite room.
  • Moderate the call and allow everyone to speak.
  • Take notes. Circulate the minutes after the call.
  • Treat the call just as another business meeting and you can ensure it will be a great success.
AdminPlan your next big event using conference calling
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