Choosing an international conference call service provider

Teleconferencing is an excellent way to get ideas across without wasting money or time. A teleconferencing services provider is all you need by way of preparation. Connecting people and businesses from Alaska to Brisbane, conference calls have made connectivity easy, and today, global business deals are made without the employees having to leave their office premises. Of course, the exorbitant air-fares travel and maintenance costs have been completely eliminated, but what should one keep in mind when choosing an international conference call service provider? Here are a few pointers.

How to select

You must have a lucid understanding of your personal needs because many service providers have specific tailor-made features and functions suited for unique demands. If your company has offices in several countries and you tend to call formal meetings on a regular basis, then scheduling a regular call is advisable. Several teleconference services have this option, which would considerably reduce the hassle of bad audio quality. There are other options, too, which are beneficial for an international business meeting, like “roll-calling” the names of the participants as they enter the conversation. Since most business meetings are extremely formal events and the participants are unacquainted with each other, it would be an advantage to have this option installed.


Teleconferencing is indeed a great way to cut down travel costs, but that shouldn’t mean that the saved money should go to a service provider. There are multiple options for payment and customised features for each service provider. You must choose an option which incorporates useful options like webinars, internet connectivity, an option for video-calling (if the budget and circumstance warrants it), and also ensure that all this does not come at the cost of sacrificing the audio quality, which basically decides if a call is productive or not.

A long call, which incorporates multiple features during its course, may end up being extremely costly. Of course, this depends on the importance of your call, but in most cases, you might not want to go for it. Today’s delicate global economy cannot bear fluctuations on its cash-expenditure, so it would be a better idea to stick to one plan. Request for a complete pricing structure from the service provider so that you would not have cause for regret later. Also, if you tend to make calls of a more informal nature, try utilising the cheaper services of internet calling.

AdminChoosing an international conference call service provider
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