Choosing conference calling for business productivity

Teleconferencing is an innovative and cheap way to communicate to people, located in different places, at the same time, and because of its extreme efficiency, conference calls have become one of the popular ways to get ideas transmitted from boardroom to boardroom without the employees even having to leave the office building. Saving money and time are some of their great advantages, while certain companies swear by the environmental-friendly connotations of the service. Judging by any standards, a conference call increases productivity, can raise the profit margin higher and can even make the employees more responsible to come up with personal inputs. When an office located in Manchester must coordinate its activities with an office in Dublin, the idea of a teleconference becomes a necessity.


As businesses reach through to a wider global mass of consumers, addressing business concerns personally becomes an obligatory task. With today’s exorbitant stay and fare charges, the process of commuting itself becomes a tedious drain on company’s resources. This is where the economy of phone-conferencing comes in, almost eliminating travel and maintenance expenses. Teleconference services providers offer various features and customisations which can specifically suit a company’s or person’s needs. Providers often offer free voice conference services, the benefits of which cannot be adequately stressed.

With a conference bridge server (can simultaneously connect multiple lines), all participants in a meeting can be connected at the same time with a PIN and a toll-free access code. A Host or Chairperson handling the quality of the call can read out the agenda and also “lead the call” making sure that the group does not give in to time-consuming digressions. Contrary to a personal conference, which requires invitations, venues and food, a telephone with a conference calling facility is all that one needs to get matters across, just as effectively. Unlike group emails, a conference call also provides the opportunity for spontaneous feedback from the participators.

Sales presentations, in-house meetings, progress evaluations and even employee training can be done to great efficiency by this system. Options like internet connectivity ensures that files and PowerPoint presentations can be sent and confirmed in a matter of seconds.

Service providers

A teleconferencing services provider can evaluate the company’s needs and come up with a suitable coverage-plan, though monthly plans are preferred by most businesses, these differ considerably and can be chosen as the necessity arises. International service providers offer great conferencing solutions for businesses.

AdminChoosing conference calling for business productivity
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