Conference bridge

A conference bridge is what you call the equipment that makes it possible to converge a number of audio and video connections to a single destination. The conference bridge receives inbound signals from the telephone switch and confirms the same with a return signal. It is a conference bridge that makes it possible for conference calls to be conducted for any number of locations, with any number of connections.

A conference bridge is basically a device that connects multiple circuits to make a conference call. They are also available for key telephone systems and PBX systems.

The basic conference bridge used by conference service providers such as WHYPAY? has a server to process inbound and outbound signals that are made using the local telephone switch. The server has the capability to send multiple signals along multiple lines within the server. Once the call is connected, the conference bridge can route it to the right teleconference that is in progress.

Conference bridges of earlier times were cumbersome devices that carried analog signals and could not process more than few lines at a time. With the advancement in technology, today a conference bridge can hold a conference call with hundreds of connections.

The new bridges allow attendees to participate in telephone conferencing by dialling in using a number and a numeric pass code. This allows members to circumvent the call operator. The conference bridge is also capable of handling video signals. With the latest designs of conference bridges, not just phone conferencing, but video conferencing is also possible.

Even those conference solutions that use the Internet still have the conference bridge as a means for receiving signals that are then converted at the local phone switch. The signals are then routed to for processing.

Participants dial into the conference bridge number to join the call. Call conferencing is a strategic requirement today. Companies routinely dial into the conference bridge number provided by conference service providers such as WHYPAY? for sales meetings, training, help desk support etc. By having access to a conference bridge, travel expenses can be cut down to a great extent.

Today’s conference bridges have up to 960 ports. They can be afforded by small and large companies, they are feature packed and secure. A conference bridge can be accessed through the organisation’s internal phone lines. Conference bridges offer features such as conference recording, polling, web based administration and integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Conference bridge

The primary piece of equipment that makes voice conferencing between people in different locations possible is a conference bridge. Audio and video signals from multiple destinations converge at a single point. Inbound signals are received by the conference bridge, which are then transmitted to multiple connections. Service providers like WHYPAY? also offer conference bridges for PBX systems and key telephone systems. A conference bridge has the ability to handle audio as well as voice signals.

Instant calling with a conference bridge

A conference bridge features a high end service that processes multiple inbound and outbound signals made from a local telephone switch. It has the capacity to route multiple signals to the hundreds of connections when a teleconference is in progress. It avoids the need for an operator. Through the conference bridge, participants in a teleconference dial into a specific number and by entering a numeric pass code are granted access to the teleconference. They are designed with the latest digital technology. Internet-based conference solutions also use a conference bridge to receive signals which are converted at the phone switch and are then routed for processing.

Cost effective and quality conference calls made possible

Conference calling has become increasingly popular today. For many businesses it is a cost effective method of arranging meetings between employees that may be located across the globe. Service providers like WHYPAY? allow users to dial a conference bridge number and gain instant access around the clock. Included are a number of features such as call recording, polling, and other facilities such as web based administration. Conducting sales meetings, training sessions and desk support services is much easier. In addition, access to a conference bridge reduces travel expenses and has the potential to increase productivity since no time is wasted by employees in travelling from one location to another. Thanks to a conference bridge, there is no need to install expensive equipment since it can be accessed through internal phone lines.

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