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In the fast paced business world of today, conference calls are the most cost effective way of arranging meetings between colleagues, business partners, investors and clients who may be located all over the globe. As the world becomes smaller, teleconferencing is fast becoming the preferred communication method to connect to a number of people at a moment’s notice. With affordable voice conference calls provided by a large number of service providers, it is just a matter of figuring out your requirements and comparing the various conferencing services to pick the right conferencing solution for you.

Call conferencing companies connect people through a conference bridge. To attend a teleconference, all you need to do is dial the number and punch in the pass code provided by the phone conferencing service provider. This can be done from any ordinary telephone line and that is what makes telephone conferencing effortless, easy and popular.

Conference call service providers extend their facilities to all those who may want to initiate an audio or video call at short notice. The services are available for a fee that is quite affordable. Earlier, if you wanted to initiate a call, you had to buy your own expensive equipment, but now with many service providers vying each other to woo the customers with several attractive packages, it has become a relatively inexpensive affair. Affordable packages are available to small, medium or large companies. The fees may vary slightly from one provider to the other, but the prices are commensurate with the level of features offered. The costs of these calls are generally affordable, especially when you compare it with the expenses incurred during a business travel and accommodation.

Services vary from simple audio conferencing to web conferencing with file sharing capabilities. Audio conferences are usually charged on a per minute basis while online calls are charged based on the number of callers per month. If you just need to communicate verbally without having to see everyone face to face, you may do well with audio conferences. Both the pricing models – subscription per month and the per minute charge – are affordable to even small companies. Depending on the volume of calls expected per month, you may choose between these two. Many teleconferencing service providers also offer concessional rates if you have a high volume of conferences per month.

Irrespective of the vendor or even the features, most users find that teleconferencing is the most affordable way to arrange international business meetings.

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