Why audio conferencing is still better than video

Call conferencing is fast becoming the preferred means of communication for businesses with employees, clients and business partners spread all over the world. When you are thinking about what type of conferencing solutions will meet the requirements of communicating effectively with your remote staff, you will often be required to choose between audio and video conferencing services. Both audio and video conference calls have their own advantages and disadvantages. But how do you decide whether you should opt for a pure voice conference or if you need to see the participating members too?

There are many things that you need to consider while making the decision. The difference between telephone conferencing and video conferencing is not always clear. You don’t want to switch from one to another and then later feel that you made the wrong choice.

Many conference call service providers offer both video and audio call conferencing facilities. Both entail dialling into a conference bridge which is nothing but a sophisticated server that can connect multiple calls at the same time. For cost effective conference calls, phone conferencing may be the best option.

Look at the following parameters to choose between audio and video teleconferencing. Audio conferencing is more preferable in many scenarios.

Your budget is a key indicator as to whether you can afford video or audio teleconferencing services. A video conference comes with a higher price tag. Most businesses can easily manage with a normal audio teleconference.

An audio conference is also easier to participate in. For a video conference call, there has to be some kind of visual display unit to capture the participants as well as display the images of others who are in the call. On the other hand, all that an audio conference needs is a normal telephone line which can be found almost anywhere. Audio conferences can also be made even from mobile phones. Consider the advantage and flexibility that conferencing via mobile phone offers.

Audio conferences may be slightly more difficult to control than the video counterpart. By making the purpose of the call clear and by discussing expected behaviour, the speaker or the host of the call can establish control even before the call starts.

Basic audio conferencing needs nothing more than a telephone. For most businesses that need to communicate on a routine basis with employees in other parts of the world, audio call conferencing is a more cost effective option.

AdminWhy audio conferencing is still better than video
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