Don’t repeat yourself – say it once to everyone

Many a time, participants of a conference call are required to repeat themselves over and over again because others are not able to hear them properly. If you find your conference calls fuzzy or disturbed by the hiss of static, fret not. Most of such issues that mar the quality of a voice conference can be easily eliminated.

The most important thing for crystal clear conferencing solutions is to choose the right conference call service provider. The better the technology used by the teleconferencing service provider, the greater will be the clarity of the call. The capacity of the conference bridge also matters.

Apart from the technology used by the call conferencing service provider, there are also some things that you need to take care of at your end to ensure that your telephone conferencing experience is as trouble free as possible.

Most teleconference providers offer a facility to view your calls online. The most important benefit of being able to view your calls online is that you will be able to pinpoint which particular telephone line is causing the disturbance while phone conferencing. Once the problematic telephone line is identified, the person calling from that line can try dialling in from another line to resume teleconferencing.

Mute the telephone when you are not speaking. This makes a tremendous difference to the quality of the teleconference. Even if you are in a relatively quiet room, there might be some amount of background noise or static that filters through the telephone line into the call. To avoid that, muting the mic helps. Try not to use the speakerphone because it picks up all background noises.

To make the most of your conferencing services, use a land line and a good quality headset. There are noise cancelling headsets available that can also amplify the volume.

To reduce the background noise, request that all participants dial in from a quiet environment. Include this information when you send the invite itself. Cordless phones, speaker phones, mobile phones and even VOIP lines cause background noise that can bring down the quality of the call.

If there are two or more people in the same room using two different telephone lines, it can cause and echo and cause the noise to enter your conference. It is better that they join the call from different rooms.

If you follow the above recommendations, you are sure to have a conference call that is crystal clear with minimum disturbances.

AdminDon’t repeat yourself – say it once to everyone
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