Teleseminars: what are they and where / how can I set one up?

Businesses have a powerful advertising and marketing tool in teleseminars. They are a great way to promote a product or service, and educate customers about them. A teleseminar, also known as a teleconference , is among the fastest and most economical ways to increase sales and build up a brand image.

The important element of teleseminars is a bridge line which allows numerous participants to listen in. Teleconference services providers that set up a conference call allow the presenter control over muting a call or not. When a call is muted, only the presenter can speak while other participants are allowed to speak when a call is not muted. Teleseminars can be held from as little as 30 minutes to even 6 hours where calls can be recorded for later use and transcripts created.

There are a few steps a business can take to ensure the successful hosting of a teleseminar. The first thing is to determine the nature of your teleseminar and your target audience. This requires plenty of research work by those involved in the product or service along with the advertising and marketing team. You need to determine the approximate length of the teleseminar and the amount of time to be devoted to each question or problem. The audience needs sufficient time to grasp the information you deliver.

The next step in setting up a teleseminar is to select a teleconference provider. Not all providers offer exactly the same services, so you need to choose one according to your requirements. Once you sign up with a provider and set a date for the teleseminar, you will receive an email with a PIN or access code. Some providers offer two access codes, one for the conference manager and another for the attendees. Attendees are required to call the access phone and enter the access code while the conference manager uses the exclusive access code that allows control over the teleseminar. While these may be the steps to start the actual process, a teleseminar requires plenty of preparation to bring your business to the next level.

It is essential to be well informed about the capabilities, features, and functions. Your teleconferencing services provider will give you a bridge line which needs to be tested for its features. The content for the teleseminar needs to be outlined whether it is to promote a particular product or service or special offer. You will need to invite your audience and inform them of the schedule of the teleseminar.

AdminTeleseminars: what are they and where / how can I set one up?
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