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Could your business save £100k a year on conference calls?

Saving money can never really be a bad idea, can it? Particularly when you can save without compromising on quality or functionality. And that’s exactly what many happy users have found with WHYPAY?. If your business teleconferences frequently, you too could make savings of £100,000 or more in the next year by switching to WHYPAY?. That would leave you with a very nice sum to put towards crucial components of your business budget.

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AdminCould your business save £100k a year on conference calls?

Saving the NHS Money With Our Secure Conference Call Services

NHS conference calls might not be a top-billed new story, but they’re definitely related to some news-worthy information. After all, it seems like every other week we’re reading another story about how much funding the NHS is or isn’t receiving, how it’s spending the money it has, and how it plans to spend the money it might be given. Of course, the more funding the NHS has to put towards treating patients and improving facilities, the better. That’s why we’re thrilled to help reduce spending on NHS conference calls. That way, there’s more to go around for the big stuff. The NHS needs a dedicated medical conference call service and WHYPAY? is a perfect solution.

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AdminSaving the NHS Money With Our Secure Conference Call Services

NAMDET: A case study

The National Association of Medical Device Training, or NAMDET, is an organisation which carries out the invaluable work of ensuring that healthcare professionals are fully trained to use all kinds of specialist equipment in their work to look after people’s health. In this capacity, the organisation is crucial to ensuring the safety and care of patients across the country and spanning different medical fields. Because of the sheer spread of their reach, the large and varied membership (from medical engineers to risk and governance managers and nursing staff to operating department practitioners), as well as the instructive nature of their work, there’s no doubt that to the people at NAMDET, good communication is key.

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AdminNAMDET: A case study