Recording and other special features

Most businesses these days cannot do without the facilities and convenience offered by conferencing services. A conference call allows them to communicate simultaneously with any number of people, no matter where they are located. All that you need for telephone conferencing is an ordinary telephone line; there is no need even for expensive equipment. Participating members dial into a conference bridge which is a server hosted by the teleconferencing service provider, key in the pass code and are routed directly to the teleconference. Phone conferencing makes life easier for professionals by reducing the time that they are on the road travelling to business meetings. It also cuts down on travel and accommodation expenses of the organisation.

Conference call service providers also offer facilities such as recording a voice conference which can then be played back at a later date. Recording a conference call can come in handy in many situations. While teleconferencing, it may be impossible to note down all the details and points of discussion of the meeting. When the minutes are circulated, if any pertinent information is missed out or misrepresented, it may cause some impact on the decision making process especially because minutes serve as an important record which managers might refer back to at a later date. Conferencing solutions also come with the option of recording the call which can then be used to cross check the veracity of the minutes prepared before being circulated to all.

It can also be played back to those who were unable to attend the conference. When you are call conferencing at a later date, parts of the previously recorded call can be played to go over previous discussion points or to continue from where you had left off.

Service providers have different options for recording the conference call. Some also offer operator assisted conference calling where it is the operator who is in charge of all the technical aspects of starting, ending and even recording the call. If you do not have an operator to assist you with the call, you can check with your service provider on how to record the call. More often than not, it is just a matter of punching a couple of buttons and the call is recorded.

Apart from recording the call, there is also an option to store the call in the system for a few days. The calls can also be downloaded into your local hard drive.

Modern teleconferencing services offer a lot of interesting features and options that make business communication very easy.

Call recording is a feature which will be available in future releases of the WHYPAY? conference call service.

AdminRecording and other special features
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