How does conference calling work?

Conference calls are nothing but telephone calls where three or more people converse at the same time. Most businesses these days use teleconferencing services to communicate with a large number of people at the same time without them having to physically be present in a single location. Conferencing services are changing the way the world communicates. There are many conferencing solutions available for businesses of all sizes – small, medium or large.

Telephone conferencing can be done using simple phone lines. So it is not that you need to have fancy and expensive equipment to make conference calls. Conference call service providers maintain something called the conference bridge to connect callers. It is a server that acts like a telephone that has the ability to answer multiple calls at the same time.

The kind of software that is used by the vendor plays a key role in how many participants and how many calls can be conducted at the same time. A company may choose to have its own bridge or avail the services of a vendor for call conferencing.

In a majority of cases, choosing a good service provider can meet most of your requirements. There are many affordable plans available with service providers, depending on the volume and nature of calls in a month, you may choose the right one. If the volume is low, you may want to look at a pay as you go plan, for high volumes there are affordable monthly packages as well.

The participants of the meeting dial a number provided by the service provider and join the right teleconference by punching in a pass code. Phone conferencing is as easy as making a normal telephone call.

There are mainly two types of teleconferencing, the first is a call where each participant dials a number and the second one is where a moderator calls each participant to connect them to the call.

Secure conferences often require a login and personal identification number to join the call or access any of the features of the system. This ensures that proprietary and confidential information remains protected during the call.

Many service providers also provide add on benefits such as recording the calls, facility to conduct polls and provide the services of call operators. In addition to the basic voice conference facility, video conferences are also available if participants wish to see each other. If they also need to share information or transfer files online, web conferencing may be the most preferred option.

AdminHow does conference calling work?
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