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Home working and conference calling

The advent of Internet has changed the way people communicate and even how they work. Broadband internet connections enable you to work right from the comfort of your home and to avoid those frustrating traffic snarls and daily commutes. If you work from home, conference calls are ideal for you to be in touch with your colleagues or clients on a regular basis.

Teleconferencing is just one of the many conferencing solutions available for businesses, working professionals and individuals. Apart from telephone conferencing, other popular conferencing services include video conferencing and web based conference calls. Call conferencing through the Internet gives you the advantage of being able to transfer and share files in real time, along with seeing and hearing those whom you are in a meeting with.

But for businesses and individuals who do not require real time file transfer services, phone conferencing may be a great option because all it takes is a simple telephone line to be able to start a conference call. Teleconferencing service providers connect calls through something known as a conference bridge. All you need to do is dial into the bridge and punch in the pass code to get connected to the conference call.

Working from the comfort of your home and using conference call services to communicate with business partners, colleagues and customers bring with it several advantages.

First of all, you save a lot of time and money by avoiding the daily commute. With the increasing traffic and cost of transportation, getting to work and back remains one of the most unpleasant aspects of anybody’s work life, whether they travel by bus, car, plane or train. By conferencing, you save a lot of time and money commuting.

Keeping in touch with colleagues via voice conference calls also allow you to become a full participant even though you are not physically present at work. With the advancements in technology, today’s calls can be arranged at short notice and are the next best thing to regular face to face meetings.

Even if you are sick or injured, conferencing allows you to work. You don’t need to wait till you are completely recovered to get back to work. If you have a good teleconference facility, you can be fully engaged in work. Even maternity leaves are easier to handle with telephone conferences. If the calls are conducted via telephone, you can even work in comfortable clothes as long as you get the job done.

GabiHome working and conference calling
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