Are conference calls as useful as face-to-face meetings?

Conference calls are all the rage right now and many businesses are opting for teleconferencing as their preferred technology for communicating with people who are located across the world. Through call conferencing, businesses can drastically cut down on their business travel expenditure and the time lost. In this day and age where companies need to keep their costs down, opting for conferencing services for communication is a smart way to move.

How conference calling works

There are many conferencing solutions available with conference call service providers. Users dial into a conference bridge using the number provided by the vendor to participate in the teleconference. The advantage of teleconferencing services is that you can use any ordinary telephone line to dial the number and join the call. In effect, you can be phone conferencing from anywhere in the world at any time.

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When it comes to face-to-face meetings vs conference calls, have group phone calls wholly replaced in-person meetings? Can they really be as effective?

Discussions and negotiations are all about people and how they communicate. There are benefits of face-to-face meetings:

  • You have much more information available to you in terms of body language, the subtle give and take, personality and demeanour.
  • It is often non-verbal cues rather than what is actively spoken that give you an insight into what is really going on.

However, it’s important to note that conference calls in video format are becoming increasingly popular as a way to collaborate with others from any location. With screen sharing and online presentations, web conferencing services are a hot contender to replace many of the meetings we would traditionally have in the same room as one another.

Equally, a good old fashioned telephone conference call can often be used to achieve the same goals as a physical discussion. Even over the phone, with a little teleconferencing etiquette, we can conduct business presentations, training, moving a sales deal forward or sharing financial results. The culmination of discussions over a group call is most likely similar to what would be discussed in a face-to-face meeting.


Why consider call conferencing at all?

Conference calls have significant advantages, even considering what you have to forego in terms of non-verbal communication. They can replace most of the initial meetings that are held to nail down crucial aspects of a business deal. The calls can bind a geographically separated team working on a single project and help promote the feeling of a single team working together. Most importantly, by conferencing you save time and money.

There are many situations where telephone conferencing can replace face-to-face meetings. For example, when a client is being introduced to your team members you can jump on a call, whilst making demo presentations and using the Internet to share important files and documents. Strategic planning and follow-ups can also be done by teleconferencing. If everyone working on a project needs a quick routine update on the status, a quick teleconference is infinitely preferable to face-to-face meetings.

Conference calls may never completely replace face-to-face meetings. When deciding the winner of the conference call vs face to face meeting battle, the correct answer is, there is a time and a place. For tough negotiations or other hard situations, a face-to-face meeting alone may help. But phone conferencing can easily replace routine update meetings or feel-good visits.


Why conference calls are useful

The benefit of conference calling is the helping hand of technology which can make a lot of the trivial issues of face-to-face meetings disappear. Conference call features like call recording and multi-conference room allocation means that you can throw your minutes notepad out of the window, as well as issues like double booking your only conference room. If you have a small conference room, then not to worry. Even our free conference call plan can facilitate up to 50 guests! 

Teleconferencing can make working life just that bit easier – conference call reviews highlight the impact they can have. There are some clear advantages and disadvantages to both conference calling and the traditional face-to-face meetings. Why not sign up and try conference calling for free to see which one suits you best?

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AdminAre conference calls as useful as face-to-face meetings?
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