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International conference calling made easy

A conference call is a just a phone call that involves a group of participants who dial into a conference bridge that is hosted by the teleconferencing service provider. Participants dial a phone number and then punch in an access code that will then connect them to the appropriate teleconference. International and domestic conference calls share many similarities, but there are also many key differences about an international call.

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GabiInternational conference calling made easy

How to organise the perfect conference call

If you are in charge of hosting a conference call, it is a great opportunity to put your organising and managing skills to test and suitably impress the participants with what you have up your sleeve. And it’s dead easy to do! All that you need to do to host the perfect teleconference is a bit of preparation and conferencing services provided by a conference call service provider with the right kind of technology.

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GabiHow to organise the perfect conference call

Why audio conferencing is still better than video

Call conferencing is fast becoming the preferred means of communication for businesses with employees, clients and business partners spread all over the world. When you are thinking about what type of conferencing solutions will meet the requirements of communicating effectively with your remote staff, you will often be required to choose between audio and video conferencing services. Both audio and video conference calls have their own advantages and disadvantages. But how do you decide whether you should opt for a pure voice conference or if you need to see the participating members too?

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GabiWhy audio conferencing is still better than video

Don’t repeat yourself – say it once to everyone

Many a time, participants of a conference call are required to repeat themselves over and over again because others are not able to hear them properly. If you find your conference calls fuzzy or disturbed by the hiss of static, fret not. Most of such issues that mar the quality of a voice conference can be easily eliminated.

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GabiDon’t repeat yourself – say it once to everyone

Free conference calling on mobiles from WHYPAY?

Teleconferencing is a popular means of communication for many business organisations these days. There are many teleconferencing service providers that offer highly sophisticated but not necessarily affordable conference call services. Conferencing solutions are not restricted to just speaking to more than one person at a time over the telephone line. There are also video and web conferencing services that you can take advantage of if the need arises. However, telephone conferencing remains one of the most popular call conferencing options today.

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GabiFree conference calling on mobiles from WHYPAY?

What is conference calling?

Conference calls are nothing but telephone calls between three or more people at the same time. You can start a voice conference by one person calling up all the other members and adding them to the call. Telephone conferencing facilities are incredibly easy to use. The equipment and technology are with the teleconferencing service provider. You don’t need to own any expensive equipment; all you need is an ordinary telephone line.

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GabiWhat is conference calling?

The facts about conference calling

Conference calls have become one of the most preferred means of communication for businesses, especially to keep in touch with clients, investors, colleagues and other stake holders who might be spread across different parts of the world. Conferencing services are not just for businesses but also for ordinary individuals who may want to connect with a group of friends or family members.

In this article we will discuss some basic facts that will serve as a primer for teleconferencing.

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GabiThe facts about conference calling

Did you save £16 on your last conference call?

A quick analysis of our CDRs (Call Statistics) for April shows the average conference call duration was 40 minutes and 11 seconds.

OK, so that’s a pretty interesting number in itself but when you translate that to the cost of dialling an equivalent “free” conference call service hosted on an 08 number from a mobile phone, it represents £16.07 per person, per call. So, if there were five people on your last 30 minute conference call, all dialling in from mobiles, let’s hope you saved yourselves more than £80 by using WHYPAY?

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GabiDid you save £16 on your last conference call?