The importance of audio quality on your conference call

Becoming one of the most popular means of business communication, teleconferencing ensures that a business meeting becomes more productive at virtually no loss to the company. Formerly, the prohibitive travel costs and the energy expenditure that a business meeting with prospective clients demands have meant that a chunk of the company’s money be wasted on an obligatory evil. With conference calling turning out to be a preferred way of dealing with clients, businesses choose a smarter and greener option of financial activity. But with conference calls becoming common-place, so does the frustration of dealing with the bad audio quality in a call.

Why audio quality is important

An audio conference call does not support visual images, it is highly important that an excellent audio quality is maintained in a call. In the absence of a visual counterpart, all communication becomes verbal. In this scenario, a bad medium of communication, or a poor connection leads to misunderstanding, irritation and even resentment. Since teleconferencing services are a cost-effective method, most businesses use them regularly; making a conference call could mean all the difference between a good deal and a bad one. Good audio quality is as important as the actual words used during the call.

How to ensure an effective audio quality in a call

The first thing that you must keep in mind is to make sure that you are with the right kind of teleconference services provider. Ensure that they use the latest technology. With the growth of today’s communication spectrum, any new leap in technology is bound to be overstepped by a greater leap in ingenuity. Your service provider must be updated. The next step in ensuring the audio quality of your call is to check whether the conference bridge suits your purpose. Read the provider’s sales letter carefully before committing to avoid later regrets.

While performing the call, make sure that you use the mute button efficiently. Deliberating and conferring with advisors, or any talk outside the actual call must be used this way, since it avoids confusion and great duration. Encourage the participants to use the mute option as well. Since network connectivity frequently becomes capricious, it is a good idea to switch off any communicating devices other than the teleconference phone to avoid the crackling interferences of multiple signals. Plastic or paper covers, files, computer keyboard etc must be kept far away from the speaker to avoid embarrassing disturbances.

AdminThe importance of audio quality on your conference call
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