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Though conference call services have become widely prevalent and businesses with a global presence use it as one of the most cost effective and preferred means of communication, most participants are not very enthusiastic about attending a conference call. This is largely due to the fact that some people may have had some bad experiences while telephone conferencing, which is not surprising when people choose mediocre conferencing services and expect everything to go perfectly well.

There are many high quality conferencing solutions available to suit any company regardless of its size. A small company may take up a basic package and dial into the conference bridge hosted by the teleconferencing service provider to start call conferencing.

There is no need to purchase any expensive equipment. In fact one of the biggest advantages of phone conferencing is that it does not require the user to invest heavily, it is easily accessible and affordable.

The following tips will make sure that your teleconference experience is a pleasant one and you make the most out of it.

Cut down on background noise

Teleconferencing can be noisy enough without loud background noises. Join the call from a location that is relatively quiet. Close the door to avoid constant interruptions. Avoid eating during a call. Your lunch can wait till after the call is over.

Always have a host

All meetings need someone to moderate and steer the discussions into whatever is included in the agenda. The leader or host controls the call and prevents disorder.

State your name before speaking up

Though you may think that everyone knows what you sound like, it is often not the case. During the callstate your name and location before sharing. Identifying yourself before you speak is quite important during a large call, but even in a small inter-departmental call it is a good practice because your voice may get distorted on the speaker phone or the bridge.

Use your voice effectively

Always remember that a voice conference is all about your voice. You do not have the advantage of looking at a person and communicating via subtle body language cues. You have to express yourself verbally with absolute clarity and precision.

Follow the agenda

Never host a meeting without an agenda. A few days before the call, circulate the agenda to all participants so that they can come prepared.

Conduct the conference just as you would any normal business meeting to make the most out of it.

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