Want to video call or screen share? Try out Call.Group Beta today!

Now more than ever before, we are all looking for the best ways to stay connected. The coronavirus pandemic has meant an unprecedented amount of people are working remotely full time. It’s also created new challenges for teachers and students. Charities and religious organisations, too, have been getting creative and technological in a bid to keep providing guidance and support to their communities. And across the board, all of us need to maintain human connection. Loneliness is a dangerous state for our mental and physical health. Here at WHYPAY?, we’re proud and thrilled that conference calling has helped in all of these areas and many, many more as people continue to self-isolate. And to make communication as accessible as possible, we also waived Plus subscription charges up until July.

Boosting the conference call

But we also know that, as mighty as the simple conference call is, there are those who want a few extra features. In fact, we’ve been hearing from quite a number of people exactly what they would like us to provide. And in order to make sure people can keep communicating effectively, whatever their purpose, we’ve worked indefatigably over the past couple of months to deliver the most sought-after features.

It’s this demand which has spurred the creation of our new offering, Call.Group. This service will provide many of the features which you have all been asking us for! And best of all, you can try it out for free by registering today.


What will Call.Group provide?

When you create your brand new Call.Group account, you’ll immediately be issued with two web conference rooms. Both accommodate up to 100 participants, and have absolutely no call time limits.

  1. Conference Room. You’ll be able to assign people to be either Guests or Moderators, thereby determining the controls and functions they have. With video, audio, live chat and screen-sharing, you’ll be able to collaborate seamlessly.
    This is a great option for families, friends, professional teams… If you want to be able to talk to, see and work with multiple people, then a Call.Group conference room has you covered.
  2. Presentation Room. Your guests’ audio and video will be disabled, so that the focus is on you. Of course, they can still live chat with you, so that they can contribute to the conversation or ask any questions.
    These rooms are ideal for teachers, tutors and instructors. Whether you’re hosting a yoga class or trying to explain coastal erosion, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and without interruption or distraction! Or maybe you’re joining in the increasingly-popular pursuit of pub quizzing; become the most competent compère with control over your rowdy participants.
    This is also a great option for religious ceremonies, allowing all the focus to be on the service itself, while ensuring that it’s accessible from the comfort and safety of worshippers’ homes.

Generate your free conference rooms now.


Why is it free?

We’ve worked tirelessly over the past couple of months to get out the functions you need as quickly as possible. We’re only just releasing our Beta version, so we’re offering it to you for free while we finalise functions and field feedback! That means that you can sign up today and make use of all these great features, totally free of charge. Visit the Call.Group site today to find out more and register your new account.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

GabiWant to video call or screen share? Try out Call.Group Beta today!
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