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How to set up a free conference call

It’s no surprise so many people want to know how to set up a free conference call. Two trends in business life are converging to raise the conference call to its rightful place upon the throne of communications technology. First there’s the decline of the office. More and more, people are opting for more flexible approaches to work. Many are self-employed or free-lance, and can desk-surf or cafe-hop to their hearts’ content.

Teams are also embracing remote working and less conventional meeting spaces – and there are some great free meeting locations! Secondly, we’re recognising the importance of collaboration, whether it be internal or with different organisations. So with teleconferencing becoming such a huge part of our daily working lives, we all need to know how it fits into our budget. Actually, it doesn’t have to! In this post, we’ll tell you how to set up a free conference call – it really is easy.

 Is there such a thing as a free conference call?

They might both be part of your average business day, but conference calls and lunches don’t have that much in common. While wisdom says there’s no such thing as a free lunch, you really can conference call for free.

At WHYPAY?, we know this can raise a lot of questions (and eyebrows). A lot of people have been burned already by providers who claim to offer free conference calls, but then turn out to have sneaky hidden costs. Premium-rate numbers, a one-time sign-up fee, or recurring subscription payments are some of the ways teleconferencing companies can take your money. You’ll find none of that at WHYPAY?.

In fact, we don’t charge users a penny for providing our service. This is where some skepticism can come into play. ‘What’s in it for you?’ we (literally) hear you ask. Well, while we heartily believe that communication is such an indispensable asset for people in all walks of life, and one that shouldn’t be inaccessible to anybody, it’s not an entirely selfless enterprise. WHYPAY? receives a fraction of a penny per minute from interconnect revenue for terminating the 03 calls. If you want to read more about the logistics and practicalities of running WHYPAY?, you can check out our interview with some tech-savvy professionals. But rest assured, we don’t take a penny from our users for using our free forever service.

Maybe you can set up a free conference call, but can you join it for free?

So we’ve established that WHYPAY? provides a free service – although there are also paid bundles if you’re interested in boosting your features! If you want to keep it simple though, you can absolutely set up a conference call without sign-up costs by choosing WHYPAY?. But will the call be free for you and all your participants to join?

It’s a short and simple answer: yes. WHYPAY? teleconference are accessed using an 03 number. Thanks to Ofcom rulings, all calls to 03 numbers have to be charged in the same way as calls to standard landlines. Essentially, for a vast majority of callers, they don’t cost a penny. That’s because these kinds of calls are included within bundled minutes. By using 03 numbers, we let callers dial in as often as they like, for as long as they have inclusive minutes with their phone provider, without having to think about costs.


How to set up a free conference call

Let’s get to the important part! You know how all the cogs work, so how can you set up a free conference call for yourself? With WHYPAY?, it’s super easy.

To get started, you can simply click on the button below

Create a FREE Teleconference

Or you can head to our homepage and click to create a free conference. Because it’s totally free, we won’t ask for any payment information. Just a few basic details. We only need these so we can send you the access details so you can join the free conference call you’ve set up! Once you’ve filled these in, you’ll have your very own secure virtual meeting room. You’ve set up a free conference call. It’s yours to use however you see fit. With up to 50 participants, no time limit, and a choice between reservationless conference calling and pre-scheduled meetings (which you can easily integrate into your calendar software) you can make of your free conference call what you will!


How to join your free conference call

Now that you’ve set up your free conference call and got it scheduled and sent out invites to participants (which WHYPAY? can do for you), you only need to join the call. This, too, is really straightforward.

The first thing you need is a phone. A landline, mobile, or conference call phone will all work. Then just enter the dial-in number, which begins with 03. After that, all you’ve have to enter is your unique conference room number and the secure access PIN, and you’re in! The process is just the same for all participants, so nobody will be struggling to take part.


What are the compromises?

Once people realise that conference calls really can be free, there can still be hesitation. What holds people back when considering whether to set up a free conference call? Well, people think if it’s free, it must be inferior. People are also reluctant to make changes. That old adage of ‘if it ain’t broke…’ can really hold people back from better things. In the world of telecommunications, it means things like not considering alternatives to obvious choices like PowWowNow.

WHYPAY? shows that free doesn’t need to mean worse. In fact, Trustpilot backs us up on this. if you look at our ratings and reviews, we outperform competitors who are charging for their services. With WHYPAY?, you get quality and reliability without having to part with a penny.

So don’t think twice! Why not set up a free conference call today? You’ll see just how much it could change your business, and even your life.

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