It’s a bold statement, but it’s possible (if we can just spread the word).

WHYPAY?’s conference calling service saves callers millions of pounds in unnecessary call charges every year. It does this by using an 03 phone number, which is included in standard landline/mobile minutes. Calls to WHYPAY? are free as long as you have minutes available (or charged at the standard network rate if you don’t). 03 numbers are brilliant, because UK telephone networks must treat them in exactly the same way as standard 01/02 numbers.

We all know the public sector could use more funding. We hear it from staff on the ground, newspaper headlines and independent reports. It’s just one reason we’re proud to offer free conference calls to so many public sector employees, including those of the NHS.

Imagine how much we could save…

Considering only a fraction of the total public sector use our service for conference calls, there’s ample opportunity to make public budgets go millions of pounds further if awareness can be raised about free conference calling services like ours.

Many other services use expensive dial-in numbers which can lead to unnecessarily high call charges, especially from mobile phones. What’s more, participants who are invited to these calls don’t have much choice on the matter, and are often forced to pay a high per minute cost for participating in a conference call. We’re calling on conference call hosts around the country to get savvy with conference calling and use a service that won’t lead to bill shock for them or their participants. We could save the public sector alone a significant amount of money, which could be spent on more important things like medical equipment or the salaries of police officers.

The NHS as an example

NHS staff make up about 4.5% of our WHYPAY? user-base. This means that of the total £7.6m WHYPAY? customers saved on unnecessary call charges last year, the NHS saved around £350,000!

We think that’s amazing, and we’re very happy about it, but we’ve also calculated (assuming that only 5% of NHS employees use our service) that we could save the NHS…


And that’s only in a single year. It’s a lot of money, especially when you consider it could pay for:

  • 13,761 electronic hospital beds
  • 57 MRI scanners
  • 205 junior doctors for one year
  • Or 27 ambulances!

Imagine the money we could save the entire public sector if everybody knew that conference calls could be made free of charge.

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*Our saving calculation

To see how we estimate how much we save our users every year, click here.

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