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Your Conference Room is ready to use
and it’s permanent, so you can dial in as frequently as you like!

Dial: 033 3443 3443

Room Number: 96734032 #

PIN: 3221 #

The room number is always 8 digits long, and the PIN 4 digits long.
Don’t forget to press the hash “#” key after both.

You can send these details out to your participants yourself, or click below to create an account and access automatic invites and other features.

Add to Contacts

Since your room number and pin are permanent, simply click the icon below to add to your contacts. You’ll have one touch access to the room on your smartphone whenever you need it.


Create Account

If you want to save your room to your own personal account and access more free features like call recording, automatic participant invites and calendar integration, click below.

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How can WHYPAY? be free to use?

Under Ofcom regulations, calls to 03 numbers must count towards any inclusive minutes offered by your fixed or mobile network operator in exactly the same way as calls to 01 and 02 numbers. These rules apply to calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line operators and payphones. Furthermore, under Ofcom rules, calls to 03 numbers made outside minutes bundled with network contracts must cost no more than those to landline numbers (01 or 02).

Ofcom regulations

Our free conference call service is supported by the fraction of a penny per minute which we earn from BT wholesale payments from calls made to 03 numbers. This provides a wafer-thin margin allowing us to provide WHYPAY? at no cost to you.

People dialling in from abroad?

Yes, you can invite people from outside of the UK to your conference call. Should they experience problems calling our 03 number from overseas, please ask them to use our international access number:

+44 84 5578 5578

The cost of dialling this number with UK networks is 7ppm plus your network’s access charge.  Calls made from outside of the UK would be subject to call charges levied by the originating overseas telecommunications provider.

NB: If you’re having trouble accessing WHYPAY? using both the 03 and 08 access number, please dial +44 18454 18454.

The 01 number will NOT work if dialled from within the UK and offers no cost saving over calling our 03 number.

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