That’s it!

Your conference room is ready to use
and it’s permanent, so you can dial in as frequently as you like!

Dial: 033 3443 3443

Room Number: 69072718 #

PIN: 1207 #

Speed Dial

Don’t forget to press the hash “#” key after both the Room Number and the PIN.

You can send these details out to the participants yourself, or click below to create an account and set up automated email notifications. Creating an account also gives you access to other free features listed below.

Add to Contacts

Since your Room Number and PIN are permanent, simply click the icon below to add to your contacts. You’ll have one touch access to the room on your smartphone whenever you need it.


Create Account

If you want to save your room to your own personal account and access more free features like managing email notifications, scheduling conference calls and viewing your conference history, as well as enabling participant announcements and conference recordings, click below.

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How can WHYPAY? be free to use?

Under Ofcom regulations, calls to 03 numbers are included in bundled minutes for UK callers, and calls to 03 numbers outside their bundled minutes will be charged by their provider (not by WHYPAY?) at their standard landline rate (the same rate they get charged for calling 01 or 02 numbers).

Our free conference call service is supported by the fraction-of-a-penny per-minute outpayment that we receive from BT for calls made to our 03 dial-in number. This provides a wafer-thin margin allowing us to provide WHYPAY? at no cost to you.

Dialling in from outside the UK

If you’ll be joining a conference from overseas, it’s a good idea to check that you can reach UK 03 numbers from your country. Should you experience problems calling +44 33 3443 3443 then you should try one of our alternative international dial-in numbers: +44 84 5578 5578 or +44 18454 18454. Your existing Room Number and PIN can be used in the same way when dialling these numbers.

The international dialling prefix to use will depend on the country you are calling from. For most countries, you just replace the + with 00 (e.g. 00 44 33 3443 3443), however there are some exceptions, such as the USA (which uses 011, e.g. 011 44 33 3443 3443) and Australia (which uses 0011, e.g. 0011 44 33 3443 3443). Click here to find out which international dialling prefix your country uses.

Calls made from outside of the UK will be subject to call charges levied by their local phone provider. Participants should check with their local provider if they have any queries regarding international dialling and any associated costs.

Please note that our +44 18454 18454 number will NOT work if dialled from within the UK and offers no cost saving over calling +44 33 3443 3443. Technically +44 84 5578 5578 can be dialled from within the UK, but it would be charged at 7 pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge, so there’s no reason not to use +44 33 3443 3443 instead!