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We’re really sorry that you’re experiencing problems using WHYPAY? 😔 Let’s get things resolved for you quickly.

If you’ve experienced any kind of connection or call quality issue whilst taking part in a conference call, please use this form to provide us with as much information as you can so that we can investigate for you. Easy access and reliable audio quality are extremely important for effective conference calls, so we take issue reports seriously.

Please note: Conference calls rely on multiple devices, software and phone networks all connecting together simultaneously. Many of these technologies sit outside the WHYPAY? service itself. However, even if the issue you’ve experienced is outside of WHYPAY?’s control, our support team will do their utmost to help you. 🤓


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Check your call history, which usually shows exact call times.
If you got through, you would have heard the initial “Welcome to WHYPAY?” message.
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