The best free conference call services – for UK participants

Do free conference calls mean scrimping with tin cans and pieces of string? Or are there high quality, reliable options (that are genuinely free to use)? This post examines the best free conference call services for UK participants. Truly free conference calls Over the last few years, many supposedly free conference call services have appeared

Board meetings via teleconference: How to go virtual

You might be wondering how to hold a teleconference board meeting and whether it’s even appropriate to do so. Can board meetings be held through teleconferencing? In short, yes, but each business has specific needs and appropriate means of communication. Participants need to feel comfortable and be on board (excuse the pun!) with the idea

Exciting new features inbound!

In July 2019 we’ll be adding some exciting new features to the WHYPAY? service. WHYPAY? has been built on (and will continue to champion) the idea that businesses, doctors surgeries, charities, sports clubs, friends and families shouldn’t have to pay unnecessarily to hold simple telephone conference calls. To that end, WHYPAY? will always provide the

Conference calls: Good communication that’s good for the planet

Hey conference caller, let’s hit you with some facts: The latest Government statistics show that transport is the number 1 contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and travelling for work (either commuting or on business) is the main reason for travel. Conference calls allow us to travel less, by keeping in touch whilst

5G networks on their way – but what can we expect?

The country’s leading mobile providers just bid in an auction to secure bandwidth in what will be part of the UK’s new 5G mobile network. But how will the souped-up network be different from the 3G/4G connections we’re all used to relying on? Will we even notice it? Since late March, Ofcom have been auctioning